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hello! i am Lianne, but i also go by the names 'Zennon' and 'Senuca'. i am from England, and i am a cheerful
diabetic female who enjoys reading, drawing, cosplay and acting. i also sing from time to time.
i am part of the cosplay group mk-lr manipulation, and you can find our group here! i love these guys so much,
and it's thanks to these guys and spenser that i was able to beat my depression.
my sister is my best friend and she's also my role model. her artwork always surpasses mine, and you wouldn't
think that i'd been drawing longer than her.

i'm a huge fan of the yogscast, and my recent anime addictions have been shingeki no kyojin, free!, dangan ronpa,
karneval, prince of tennis, kuroko no basuke and utapri.

i either lurk in barton town or the art freebies/art shops topics.
(i really love art trades u wu)