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Birthday Surprise

-On My birthday April 26-
Thank You guy's

Lord Kanibul - Bound Warlock
Cocaine pandas- nightmare purple scarf
ColoredxNoodles -February Birthstone Streaks
Chibi Kitsune Kitsu - Raspberry Vanilla Queen of Cups
,Blueberry Cookie Queen of Cups
Berryfarmer-Cheery Cupid

My dear's future and past

smilies/icon_heart.gif emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif
I weiiweii I: Modus Operandi + Sweet Lady + Cupid Lips + Lunar Countess + Hazardous Punk + House of Mirrors
Chibi Kitsune Kitsu --> Gaia sis love her. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif
Big Sister +Mini Dark Red Nitemare Wings
Ramo4000 ---> my knight.
Napolitan padalita
DemonEyesVal: Astra-266: 200,000,000 + Soft Twitching White Tipped Cat Ears + Astra-256: Soft Twitching Pink Tiger Ears : my senpai :
He spoils me

***Mr Q at your Service***
Top Donator and Best friend: Frozen Rainbow Trout Monokini + Queue Demonique + silver sonata + Jade Rabbit + 1mil + 150k and ink + 1,000,000 + pistolera +130k + violet porridge Lock's + ode to the studio killer + Frozen rainbow trout monokini + SDplus #356 dark matter + SDplus #118 pale marionette + Gaia Sama, more but i can't remember HONESTLY CAN'T REMEMBER!
-------- -------
Lord Kanibul: Creamy Mini Angel wings + Roses of Mare Frigoris Fascinator by Dernier*Cri +


Stream Giveaways

B a n i r a b u - dynadi
PANDELIC DJ - Highwire Amaryllis + Solar Starset + Mistress Estelle + Ace Bass + Fey Seer



Carpetalla ( huge ton of items )
willwerewolf ( s**t load of gold )
Intoxicated Fluffiness: Moroni's Wings
The 504 Girl: 1mil
Darkmgirl: Pristine Cuffs + The Loony Hatter + The Jabberwock + Amethyst Spiked + La Belle Chanteuse + Sweetheart Admirer + Jupiter's Lace + Madam Zelle
iZomeh: Bad dog leash
a i r e l l i a: SDPlus #364 Sainte Ciel
pukaru: 1,000,000
Chonxi: Devil Food Baker
PUSSlFY: Tuktu the Reindeer Companion
splendoras: Primrose Path
I SLUG I: Bicolored Cutie Pigtails
Katie Lost the Game: Black grunny
Muffin4441: 20,000,000
Rea Nez Bit: 4mil + 20mil
Ikaishi Totoro: 1mil
Anon: polar tear
- M i a F a n t a s m a: 123,456g
Epilex: 4mil
Marisathie: Northtown Ghost Story
fr0toe: Checkmate
WickedClover: 100,000g
Empress Boa: SDPlus Real S01 Lanzer

**I do not accept random friend requests,
but no worries, I like to talk and if we have a good conversation
I will most likely except your friend request,
but please no friend requests before we have talked.**

Profile coding
made From Lord Kanibul
ILY daddy

This is mostly where you will find me
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Hello my name goes by .† Morhidia Kanibul †.
I am a Moody Girl.
If you must know Mori's age 27.
I am rather a jealous with my friend's and family.
I am a b***h depending on the mood I'm on.
I'm not much of a talker more of a listener now a day's.
I'm mostly a loner, and wont say what's on my mind.
I'm only talkative to those I trust.
I tend to speak what is on my mind.
I tend to contradict a lot of the things I say.
I'm creative and can be a tad silly.
I have a rather dark sense of humor.
I love things that are rather grotesque, dark, spooky or 'Gothic'.
I see beauty in the dark!
I find comfort in horror movies and enjoy drawing creepy things.
I love reading a good manga just as much as seeing a movie!
I am also a Graphic Designer, (mainly photo manipulator).
I hate demonstrating my work in photography or my design's.
I learned in College that people love to steal your work mainly
I don't post my stuff.


Freebies and ordered:

.† Art by D0LLIA †.

.† Art by ZaBaKuNoLuz †.

.† Art by tenten9622 †.

.† Art by l Chey l †.


Please .B .U .M. P. the owners thread.
emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif Looking for invite's emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

Morhidia kanibul ►►Analyzer
invite me to bootygrab


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Mr Q at your service
Akuma Revan
Lord Kanibul
Jake Lost the Game
Milk on my cereal
Chibi Kitsune Kitsu
Morhidia kanibul
Alan vorigan

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Lunarian Royalty
Lunar Countess
Bewitching Beauty
Black Butler: Ciel (Hair)
Somber Bloom (Twin Tails)