.Le Name.: Morbid Bubblegum.
~.I like.: Many different things.
.I Am.: Employed/Student/Artiste/Engaged/A Ridiculous Redhead.~
~.I Dislike: Few things.
.I am le pierced.: x9~
~.I tend to also be fairly random and slightly insane.

Additional Note(s): Please talk to me before adding me as a friend. I don't accept random requests.

P.S.: This page is in terrible need of a makeover. Contrary to the color scheme, I dislike pink and it used to have a background that seems to have disappeared. This is a wonderful example of my lazyness.

<3 Apollo.

And Here Comes the Randomness: I like many things (which I won't name as I'll run out of space) and dislike few. I'm random, and am always looking to try new things and to broaden my views. Music is significant in my life amongst other random shananigans, but I'd also run out of space if I were to continually list off the many hundredsome bands that I listen to. I guess you can say I listen to all sorts of cultural musics and am totally currently envying how jrockers get away with looking so damned hawt in those skirts. I am le jealous. If you wish to discuss and share music with me, our conversations may be endless.

Apart from that, my hobbies and interests range in so many different places. I am obsessed with art, equestrianism, working out, snowboarding, enjoy gaming and can be quite a book nerd. I collect so many random things from candles to orchids and manga and have spent a few years rehabilitating abused and neglected reptiles. I am a fish and reptile nerd. Feel free to discuss husbandry with me if you are in need of advice or general information. I am also currently dabbling in cross-fit and working up my seat riding-wise so I can get myself into mounted training and learn to joust.

I also enjoy concerts and mosh pits, something my colleagues are completely unaware of. I dabble in dressage and jumping and rotate between a QH pony and a westphalian mare and am the proud owner of a rescue 17 hh Oldenburg x that's been recently gelded and that I am rehabilitating. Unfortunately he is not rideable due to his leg but I have worked with him and he is learning ground tricks. I also now officially own a 13.3 hh Gypsy Vanner Cob named Guinness that I've begun training and will back and start under saddle next year. Ah yes, and I tend to get distracted by shiney things....anywhere, anytime and it happens quite frequently. And no, I don't have ADD.

On a side note, I have been around gaia for a very long time. I have always been a devoted LDer and occasionally peruse other areas including the pet forums. I am a former GDer and otherwise am debating bothering to set up a new art shop.

So, this is me in a nutshell. If you're confused, please feel free to ask me questions. I understand that my profile is lacking instructions as to how my brain functions. =P

.This would be my pet snake Sir Egor. He is a Borneo Short Tail Python; a very misunderstood specie. People seem to think that Borneos are Blood Pythons when in fact Bloods are completely different in coloring and temperament. Borneos, if given the proper care and attention, make incredibly great starter python pets and are very docile. Egor is a rescue that has suffered atrociously from lack of care in the previous hands of his first owners and the pet store and has been doing tremendously well ever since I've gotten him. He is a real gentleman at heart, despite his shyness to strangers. He currently weighs 25 lbs and is roughly 6' in length. Whereas other people would argue that snakes have no personalities, I find any snake has the tendency to adopt some sort of 'quirks'. Snakes make incredibly great pets if people can get past the misconception that they are vicious man-eating slimy and dirty animals.


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Madlife v1

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Madlife v1

no prop
Madlife v1

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Madlife v1

i realy like your signature :3
Hissori Purotekuta-

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Hissori Purotekuta-

Hissori Purotekuta-

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Hissori Purotekuta-

You should come on and chat in the 10mil thread, you silly little porcupine.
Hissori Purotekuta-

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Hissori Purotekuta-

AHH Finally!
Hissori Purotekuta-

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Hissori Purotekuta-

Hey You!

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oops...that should read "right in disagreeing with ppl that think snakes have no personalities..."
And I think it's fantastic that you rescued your snake and are taking care of him as he deserves!

Report | 10/04/2009 8:47 pm


Found you on the "help save the animals!" forum. Firstly, LOVE the photo of your snake!!! He's beautiful! And you are right in disagreeing with ppl who think snakes (I run across the same attitude toward my bearded dragon friend...ppl just have no clue!). I live with 7 parrots myself. =) Anyway, since you are a fellow animal lover:

We need your help!
Please VOTE for FOSTER PARROTS (state is MA). This is my *absolute favorite parrot cause* - if they win they will use the money well to help the 500+ birds and other animals they care for at the sanctuary and for their work in Guyana on behalf of wild parrots. You can vote once a day - please go back and VOTE EVERY DAY as we need all the votes we can get and the only way we can win a grant is to have a LOT OF PEOPLE WHO ARE FAITHFUL TO VOTE EVERY DAY! Foster Parrots desperately needs funds and this is an easy way to win some $ for them...all you have to do is VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! every day!
Please pass this request on by email/facebook/Gaia. Thanks!
Why am I such a passionate supporter of Foster Parrots? For many, many reasons...not the least of which is Lola: http://www.fosterparrots.com/story.html
and these birds: http://www.fosterparrots.com/sanctuary.html
and these : http://www.fosterparrots.com/special.html
and these: http://www.fosterparrots.com/success.html
Frozen Skylines

Report | 09/16/2009 6:58 pm

Frozen Skylines

I like your avi! I also like your profile; you're very cute!

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awesome lolz id do a combo punch the apple and kick the nuts lol sense hes a big dude :l then grab out a screw driver and get him in the knee caps...wont mess with you again biggrin