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LAST UPDATED: June 30, 2015: New profile! Thank you so much, Lady Saxophone! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif


And now some useless jabber about me:

As you can tell, I LOVE Type O Negative. All-time favorite band. Feel free to hit me up if you're also a fan. (Carnivore, too!)

As for myself, I graduated high school in the mid 2000's. I never went to college. I just work. I'm currently in my late 20's.

My favorite haunt was the Literate Casino Whore's room in Cards years ago. (If you remember this room or used to frequent there, please say hi!)

Also, I'm into metal. My favorite bands are Type O Negative, Megadeth, Carnivore, Tsjuder & Immortal. I like a bunch of other bands of course though, & I do listen to a few bands that aren't exactly "metal." (Biohazard, Body Count, etc. for example) Those bands (particularly Type O Negative) gets frequently plays on my iPod/laptop/stereo/etc.


//Current Obsession: Type O Negative (And consequently anything green & black)

//Likes: Type O Negative, Peter Steele, drag racing, nitromethane, funny cars & top fuel dragsters, pizza, music, The Walking Dead, wine, metal, concerts, alcohol, sleep, the Internet, Gaia, intelligent people, people who refrain from chatspeak, Megadeth, warm weather, summer, Chinese food, snakes, WOLVES, Zelda, Soul Calibur games, Pepsi, Deadliest Catch, Metalocalypse, black cats, pizza, rain/clouds.

//Dislikes: Annoying people, n00bs, chatspeak, hypocrisy, "reality" shows, rap, ignorant people, lousy drivers, snow, cold, ice outside that makes me slip, winter, people who keep me awake when I'm trying to sleep, vegetables, children, homophobes, corn, public bathrooms, the sun

I'm also a gambling addict in Cards. (Not in "real life," if you will. I'd lose so much money if I ever attempted to gamble) I frequent used to frequent the LCW rooms, when Cards actually likes to cooperate with me. I used to have my own room, but after the room name change rules, I dropped it.

I think I've said enough. I got a little too long-winded there.


Into making the "quilts" of 50x50 icons? Here's mine if you want to add me:
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I also give out gold stars to awesome people! I've given out gold stars to:

Magical Fairy Vomit
Sumire Thursday

Whoops! Looks like Tinypic has lost these images, even my little quilt patch, though I don't think that was ever used anyway. D: I'll try to find these stars again on an old hard drive at a friend's house. I hope I still have these!


Lucky number 63...


R.I.P: Syd Barrett, 1946-2006.

R.I.P. Peter Steele 1/4/62 - 4/14/10

R.I.P. Mopar (My black kitty who died in a house fire last year)
1/20/11 - 3/9/12
I miss you, my little feline. I miss you terribly. ;_;


Fun in the Literate Casino Whores Room:

Random quote:
Morava: Damn. I should've DD'd.
Sumire Thursday: I always think that.
N!0L: winnings: 666
Morava: xP
Sumire Thursday: But I like being a C-cup.

(Playing in Cards. DD = Double Down)
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(Click the 'x')

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Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 8:16 pm
I love it so much. ; w; I got lucky with one of the user-recolors for it and got one super cheap. @ 0 @

Aw they don't work? That's disappointing. ; w; I wonder if they're on a layer that clashes.. or the same layer. xD

Yeah more than likely they'll get it to you tomorrow, and if not, by Monday (since they're not in office on Sundays)
Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 7:06 pm
Theyre pretty, I've already gotten quite a few. ; w;

Oh my gosh a unicorn. xD Wowzers who knew that would work so well.

Filligris is definitely really pretty. I'm not sure if she's worth the money, though. I'd have to drop 1499GC or a bunch of gold on her, just to have to train her for her pretty equip. XD I don't know if Ican do it! Haha.
Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 4:50 pm
Oh no Stagony is more like a seafoam/mint with a very light lilac. Lavender/Pink is literally pink and lavender. xD Sometimes with black/offblack mixed in (at least with the user recolors it's gotten). Just look up lavender and pink in the MP and set it to show the highest price items and you should see a bunch of them.

I'm still having a hard time remember which items are which since there are so many this time around. xD They really.. went crazy with the new stuff this BFS. And to think that in the past the first few BFS were about rereleasing items haha. And yeah the background will be lots of fun to play with with all sorts of different combos. :3 And yeah the white one is a bit much but black works just as well with all the colorschemes you enjoy~

Oooh that's exciting! Congratulations. :3 I entered too but no luck. xD I do believe there was an announcement for it that showed the kin.. I know what they all look like and everything but I can't tell you their names, I don't remember them. xD I think one was a Fantasy Kitten Star and the other is a Shark of some kind.. and there is the Doge Meme and then an actual Shiba Inu.. and something else? It's on the tip of my tongue I swear.. ugnn.. OH, it's a little chicken that looks like a Chocobo, it's name is Pearlette? I think.. something like that, I probably spelled it wrong.
Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 4:29 pm
I think it is a bit, especially now that Lavender/Pink is a thing right now, but yeah, it being an Exorciblings item will still make it quite popular. sweatdrop I don't think the Batista is as much as it was before, but it's still a pricier item.

It looks like you're having a lot of fun with it and trying it out with plenty of things. x3 Makes me want to work with some backgrounds haha.
Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 4:12 pm
Hopefully since Melty is becoming less and less popular it wont be SO expensive but it being a user-recolor will still have it pretty up there. gonk It'll also depend what other user-recolors are released alongside it and how many that'll affect it's supply and demand.

It's really cool how it layers with backgrounds like that. o wo
Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 3:26 pm
Yeah I'm not exactly looking forward to it's release. xD Like I want it, I know I will, but uggh haha.

It definitely has to. :3
Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 1:37 pm
Yeah I was crazy happy. x3 Super spiffy indeed~

Yeah the all black on would have been nice but it was in a super expensive bundle so I never got it haha. There actually is going to be a Melty one, but it's gonna be a user-recolor, a user confirmed that they've sent in a ticket for one and it's in the works. Toxic would be cool!
Yokies Report | 11/27/2015 1:23 pm
Aw thank you. whee

I love the Exorciblings so much, I just HAD to get this lavender one. xD A friend of mine was kind enough to gift it to me when I was looking to buy it.
TanyaDawn Report | 11/05/2015 8:21 pm
TWINNEH. What do you mean you had trouble finding me on Facebook? That is NOT ok. I will be pming you my profile link shortly, I expect a friend request henceforth.

Consider your up, hitted.
Catz95 Report | 10/13/2015 6:28 pm
I'm L from Death Note. 3nodding Did you see the recent thing where a kid in Nashua got suspended cuz she had a real Death Note and some parents pitched a fit because she wrote down her bullies names in it.

Good luck with your clutter avie. 3nodding i'm interested to see the entries, clutter avies are always super interesting to me.