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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Please use your arrow buttons/mouse wheel to scroll down! I'm long-winded here & have a lot to say! ^_^ (Same with my wishlist, though it's fairly short right this moment)


And now some useless jabber about me:

As you can tell, I LOVE Type O Negative. All-time favorite band. Feel free to hit me up if you're also a fan. (Carnivore, too!)

As for myself, I graduated high school in the mid 2000's. I never went to college. I just work. I'm currently in my late 20's.

My favorite haunt was the Literate Casino Whore's room in Cards years ago. (If you remember this room or used to frequent there, please say hi!)

Also, I'm into metal. My favorite bands are Type O Negative, Megadeth, Carnivore, Tsjuder & Immortal. I like a bunch of other bands of course though, & I do listen to a few bands that aren't exactly "metal." (Biohazard, Body Count, etc. for example) Those bands (particularly Type O Negative) gets frequently plays on my iPod/laptop/stereo/etc.


//Current Obsession: Type O Negative (And consequently anything green & black)

//Likes: Type O Negative, Peter Steele, drag racing, nitromethane, funny cars & top fuel dragsters, pizza, music, wine, metal, concerts, alcohol, sleep, the Internet, Gaia, intelligent people, people who refrain from chatspeak, Megadeth, warm weather, summer, Chinese food, snakes, WOLVES, Zelda, Soul Calibur games, Pepsi, Deadliest Catch, Metalocalypse, black cats, pizza, rain/clouds.

//Dislikes: Annoying people, n00bs, chatspeak, hypocrisy, "reality" shows, rap, ignorant people, lousy drivers, snow, cold, ice outside that makes me slip, winter, people who keep me awake when I'm trying to sleep, vegetables, children, homophobes, corn, public bathrooms, the sun

I'm also a gambling addict in Cards. (Not in "real life," if you will. I'd lose so much money if I ever attempted to gamble) I frequent used to frequent the LCW rooms, when Cards actually likes to cooperate with me. I used to have my own room, but after the room name change rules, I dropped it.

I think I've said enough. I got a little too long-winded there.


Into making the "quilts" of 50x50 icons? Here's mine if you want to add me:
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I also give out gold stars to awesome people! I've given out gold stars to:

Magical Fairy Vomit
Sumire Thursday

Whoops! Looks like Tinypic has lost these images, even my little quilt patch, though I don't think that was ever used anyway. D: I'll try to find these stars again on an old hard drive at a friend's house. I hope I still have these!


Lucky number 63...


R.I.P: Syd Barrett, 1946-2006.

R.I.P. Peter Steele 1/4/62 - 4/14/10

R.I.P. Mopar (My black kitty who died in a house fire last year)
1/20/11 - 3/9/12
I miss you, my little feline. I miss you terribly. ;_;


Fun in the Literate Casino Whores Room:

Random quote:
Morava: Damn. I should've DD'd.
Sumire Thursday: I always think that.
N!0L: winnings: 666
Morava: xP
Sumire Thursday: But I like being a C-cup.

(Playing in Cards. DD = Double Down)
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(Click the 'x')

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Report | 04/17/2015 12:00 am


I found out that my fiance plays Gaia pretty hardcore, which led me to getting back online and crying at how bad the economy was. Thankfully, he's got a bunch of gold saved up if I actually want anything, I guess. I'll just play around with what I have for now, but I'm sure there are tons of lovely pastel things for me to hoard!

Report | 04/16/2015 12:19 pm


I got back and realized that I love a lot of the new costume-y things that are out.
Then realized that the economy is awfully frightening.

Report | 04/15/2015 9:16 pm


Hey, Mora. I kind of thought I was missing LCW earlier today, so I logged in and saw the whacked out economy-- thought I would leave messages with old friends and see who's around.
Necro Regulus

Report | 03/04/2015 10:01 pm

Necro Regulus

Thank you for shopping at my store, it's much appreciated.

Report | 02/24/2015 1:06 pm


User Image

Always Be True To Yourself

emotion_kirakira Awuh o////o thank you so much! Your's is beautiful ; o ;

No Matter Who You Are

Fruit Topping

Report | 02/06/2015 9:04 pm

Fruit Topping

Thank you! blaugh
DarthRayj of Crown Royal

Report | 02/01/2015 10:58 pm

DarthRayj of Crown Royal

Thanks! Yours is pretty cool too biggrin
Astro Argentine

Report | 01/02/2015 9:04 pm

Astro Argentine

I think it's the guy; he's just so happy and his laughter's infectious.
Though the turkeys are pretty adorable for being goofy birds.

Report | 12/28/2014 6:50 pm


Thank you very very much! heart

Yours is gorgeous as well! Love your winter theme!
Rakura Lynn

Report | 12/28/2014 12:24 pm

Rakura Lynn

^-^ Thank you this is a result of staying up way to late!


Mora likes metal!
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