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The Thaumaturge Report | 08/07/2016 9:37 pm
The Thaumaturge
I'm mostly playing games on steam these days. 4laugh
The Thaumaturge Report | 08/06/2016 2:09 pm
The Thaumaturge
Glad you liked it. 4laugh

With Gaia dead, whatdya do for fun on the internet these days? biggrin
The Thaumaturge Report | 08/05/2016 9:28 pm
The Thaumaturge
Haha! you're gonna be a cute nurse. whee

Yush, I'm almost done. You should check out some of the zomg! flash games I made before even joining this course. 4laugh
The Thaumaturge Report | 08/05/2016 12:27 pm
The Thaumaturge
Oooh! Jonjon's college starts next week too. surprised Second year of what course in college though? eek

As for me. I'm back to school. blaugh Gonna try and turn my hopeless life around by maybe becoming a game programmer? emo
The Thaumaturge Report | 08/04/2016 3:16 am
The Thaumaturge
Haha! and I don't expect you to ever do. razz

How are you though? What're you pursuing now that school's done? 3nodding
The Thaumaturge Report | 08/01/2016 11:02 am
The Thaumaturge
Junjun misses you and constantly nags me to get you on skype and steam. emotion_awesome
jonjon21428 Report | 07/18/2016 4:26 pm
Silky and I think you will become a medical doctor and lawyer in the future o3o
Reglare Excile Report | 05/29/2016 9:50 pm
Reglare Excile
Depends on the time of year. o3o

The shift on the sunny and rainy season always gets me. o3o
Reglare Excile Report | 05/25/2016 9:48 pm
Reglare Excile
Sick. Got caught in the rain.
Reglare Excile Report | 05/23/2016 9:53 pm
Reglare Excile
You turned into a hobo? O:



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