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What is this? Am I back?
I dunno, but I'm here for now.
Currently recovering from a hiatus.
Too many pretty pixels to wrap my head around!

ahhh the memories of this place
//hobbles around in an elderly fashion

Not trying to fry your brain with my WL
this is mostly just to guilt friends into pitying me
basically just to guilt shen

look okay shen said really sweet stuff
on her profile about me so
how am i not supposed to reciprocate those feels

listen bb you are the bestest bean, tapir,
sassquatch & tolbrie in all the land
i love you super heaps and more heaps ♥
syncship for life
thank you for being such a great friend all these years
; v;

i love our freak outs and conspiracy theories
and our shared hatred of the same characters

we are two peas in a trashy pod
and i never want that to change


i love you oodles
and noodles
and more oodley noodles

im so glad i met your fabulous self
all those years ago on tm
i miss our 50000 pm's
heuhuehe ; u;

you are such a special soul bb
omg wait remember that pm story we once wrote
and then quit? hahaha we are so lame

love you forever keskes ♥

i can't believe how long ago we met
its almost 10 years
a decade
anyone who says online friendships never last
is an uninformed poo

ahhh the days of yonder
when we spent all day in the dgm thread
being completely unproductive and talking about Nothing

im so glad we've kept in touch all these years
i love you super--OMG
remember whore nights? hahaha
we were so brilliant

okay as i was saying
i love you super mega a lot
and im so glad i met you
we definitely have to hang out again!

i am determined ; u;

shout outs? im basically just
talking to myself