Hello, lovely; you’ve managed to find your way to my profile. How I do not know and hopefully you can answer that one yourself because I guarantee that I do not have the answer… I’m sorry. I was formally known as Kassumi, Kass/Kas. If you're an old friend feel free to use the old name, but if you'd like you can call me Moon, Snapdragon, Snap, Dragon, or another nickname if I’m all right with it; I’m not too picky. For those of you that don't know what a snapdragon is, it's a flower which you can Google search/Yahoo search/Bing search. As of right now I am a university student and I will be a freshman this year. I’m a girl…if there’s any confusion there. I’m typically pretty easy going. I’m a rather blunt person, so I’m not likely to sugarcoat things. I have been called cold and standoffish when people first meet me, but I do become nicer and I goof off a bit more after I’ve gotten to know someone. I do get bored very easily, but I’m also very easily entertained. People have told me that I’m mental/insane on multiple occasions. Um…yeah, that’s all I got for right now. I’ll have a list of things I like and dislike below. If you have a question feel free to ask, I promise I won’t bite. You can shoot me a PM even if you’re just really bored and want something to do.

Some things I like:

✓ Horror
✓ Writing
✓ Music (various genres)
✓ Films
✓ Sleeping
✓ Spending time with friends (I feel like I’m in middle school/Jr. high every time I say this)
✓ Sing (whether I’m bad or good)
✓ Amusement parks (roller coasters!!)
✓ Hiking and walks
✓ The internet and wifi
✓ Playing the guitar even though I don’t know too much
✓ Role play
✓ Yaoi
✓ Dogs and wolves
✓ Water
✓ Green (currently my favorite color)
✓ Aviators (sunglasses)
✓ Halloween
✓ The cold
✓ Fall and winter
✓ Video games (PS2, PS3, and PC)
✓ Converse
✓ Sushi
✓ Science!
✓ Dragons
✓ Quotes and random facts
✓ Jokes and puns (chemistry jokes are the best or science jokes in general)
✓ Supernatural, Sherlock (BBC), Game of Thrones, and a few other shows
✓ So many more things…

Some things I dislike:

✗ People…like…a large number of people… (don’t be offended if I haven’t met you because you likely aren’t counted)
✗ Coffee, tea, soup, hot chocolate, and other hot liquids
✗ Pie
✗ TV (I don’t actually watch anything off the TV)
✗ Politics
✗ Bananas
✗ Tomatoes
✗ A large amount of sweets
✗ Discrimination (gender, race, sexual orientation, social class, religion, etc.)
✗ Stereotypes
✗ Sweating
✗ The heat
✗ Allergies
✗ There’s more, but I don’t want to list more


Tumblr: Main Blog
deviantART: xXx (I can't draw, but I do write.)

Last Updated: 2/7/14 or 7/2/14


Kass's Journal Thingy

It's a journal...of random sh*t...that's really it.



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Zero Ember

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Zero Ember


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np. I'm okay now. I'm going to get a load of profiles soon, but I should be okay. It will probably be later on. Late at night is when everyone submits their profiles lmao. We are all night hawks.

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Yup. PM! PM! PM! and by the time I go through those, PM! PM! PM! then a post. Then notices in the Nerd Guide. lmao. been very busy.

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FINALLY! I was able to post in the Lounge. Lmao. What a day. OMG

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no problem. Feel free to come to me if you ever feel bored or want to talk. I'm all ears.

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you are bored hun? Is there anything I can do to help make life a bit more interesting?

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Righto! emotion_yatta

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Ooh, yeah, then we sort of misunderstood one another. ^^'' (Or rather I misunderstood you) well, if left with no other choice, then obviously we must rely on text only, but yeah, if you think a combination (where possible) of both image + text would do well, then so be it. whee

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Exactly. So we should either rely 100% on images or 100% on text. I personally prefer the first mentioned, doesn't really allow for mistakes when people can visually see how the area is supposed to look.

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I'll see if I can find pictures. Looks more neater with all-anime pics only. emotion_kirakira


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