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Charms Please~!!!

*need stars and diamonds most!*

Stalking for art!!!!

Aura leigh Dragon on 08/26/2016
Sagebomb on 08/25/2016
CuTheComet on 08/25/2016
Hybird on 08/23/2016
debonair_Smiggles on 08/22/2016
TheDankMemeQueen on 08/20/2016
sha312 on 08/15/2016
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Still changing a few things around in my profile!

Art Created by: -Fancy R

Hihi people! Net name is MoonlightKo, but you can just call me Moon for short!

I'm a student in college majoring in Graphic Design and an artist. I tend to draw for people here and there, but only when I have the time. Gaia has been… well… my guinea pig since I joined to improve my drawing, particularly anime/cartoon styles.

ANYWAYS… Yes, I'm female and no, I'm not as cool as the art above =w=;;. I am also VERY shy, but once I get to really know people, we get along well and be my weird self… yes… I repeat myself… weird! MUAHAHAAA!! …ok… that's not something to be proud about….

In any case, enjoy looking through my profile!

─║─║─Jesus Christ
─╚═╝─Put this on your page

Wish to have, but don't need


/:/ /:/ /:/ /:/


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sha312 Report | 08/15/2016 6:11 pm
Not much. Job searching mostly.

I heard it through the grapevine that guild may be in need of some funds. Have you had any donations yet?
sha312 Report | 08/15/2016 4:44 pm
How are you doing Moon?
Gwynme Theos Report | 03/07/2016 3:34 pm
Gwynme Theos
Hoi, Moon, which Reiko are you talking about? Link me her profile for me to give a look at it.
kerrowe Report | 01/26/2016 5:09 am
Thanks. c: I guess I'll have one other to do now. ahaha.

Yeah I think it really is good. 3nodding
Didn't know she was part of the guild too. O: i saw her every once and while at Gaia events and chatted quite a bit over the course of many events too. Never talked at all outside of them though till now. o3o
I hope so too, I haven't done much of anything with guilds.
kerrowe Report | 01/25/2016 3:31 am
That must be kind of tough. o3o; counting all.
is the museum you were talking about?

That spellsword item. o3o It is something great. I hope to get it at somepoint. not helping my wish list. XD

Haven't talked to anyone yet. so I am not sure about the members part. sweatdrop
kerrowe Report | 01/25/2016 1:24 am
Hey. how do you check your placement anyways? o: I am now curious. >w<
that archive is kinda neat.

Also.... can you please tell me what you used for your hair and chains for this avi?
User Image

Alright. c: High voltage is the main right? I posted a little bit, mostly in the Jukebox though so far. >3<;
-Fancy R Report | 01/24/2016 8:13 pm
-Fancy R
omg i need that deadline item
it is always 100% relevant to me. haha
what is it calledddd? *v *

kerrowe Report | 01/24/2016 4:02 pm
Tell me if you win. I never knew anyone who won those things before. XD

Okay. c: I'll accept them all. anything you can tell me about each one though? o:
kerrowe Report | 01/23/2016 10:57 am
That's you? C:
Congrats on showing up on the page. >w<
kerrowe Report | 01/17/2016 2:18 pm
Ooh. Ih hope it works out somehow. owo;
I want to draw snakes and bunnies. XD Maybe not together though...

Alright. c: Invite me. I make no promises about being consistant but I like replying to people and stuff.
Plus the rp thing sounds pretty easy to get into.

I have not been able to do those kind of rps that have profiles and stuff. sweatdrop


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Dream of Art

I might post some things regarding art stuff. Some may be for drawing gaia avis, drawing for requests, or just random stuffs... Go ahead and take a look if you wish, I don't mind~!!!


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