Oh Goddess, me? You seriously want to know about me?
Well, my name is Brittany, but I prefer going by Kris, Krissy, or Kristine. (It happens to be my middle name. Swear I didn't just pull it outa my arse.) But you can also call me Moon if you'd prefer not to be as formal with me. Moon is fine. I kind of like it as a nic-name. Haha. Paulina always calls me Dew Drop, but sorry, that's just her name for me.

I am twenty-one years old as of July 21st of this year. haha, ironic, eh? I live in North Carolina, though I am originally from Hawaii. Yup. Hawaii to here. How? Or more importantly WHY?
Haha financial stability, folks. It's a driving force. If we were more stable in Hawaii, trust me, we'd still be there. And by we, I mean my mother and little sisters. Yup, I have little sisters. REAL LITTLE sisters. Samantha just turned 7 July 7th of this year. (Even more Ironic, eh?) and my littlest sister, Hailey, turned 4 the 19th of last Dec. She'll be five this year. Cute, eh? I certainly think so.

What else to really say about me?
I love to read, write, bake, and sing. Recently I have discovered a real love for music I never realized I had. If I could get singing lessons, or learn how to play my guitar (I have an old Japanese Audition. Yes, that's what it's called people. Look it up. They're from the 1960's.) Or the drums. I love the drums. I'll tell you this, drums runs in my blood. My father? Was almost the drummer for Pink Floyd. YES. I know right? Wicked! Why wasn't he? Because he found out mama was pregnant with me. I think I wanted to hit him when I found this out. I mean seriously, I hardly see him enough as is. And right now I could be the ONLY daughter of the drummer to Pink Floyd? You bet your a** I'd be happy right now.

Oh well, I don't hate my dad for it. It's just something I wish he would of done. Not for me, but for himself. If it was something he loved to do, then I say go for it. I want my father to be happy, but he has to be happy with the decisions he makes. And undoubtedly, he makes his decisions for others, not himself. Which is why I am currently in the Baking and Pastry Arts program at my school. Yup, I want to learn how to bake s**t and make chocolate sculptures and stuff. I originally came into the program wanting to learn how to decorate cakes, and though I still do want to learn how to decorate cakes, I have come to realize that I have had a lot of people tell me that I'm good with my hands; anything hands-on I seem to have a real knack for. So I'm beginning to become excited for like chocolate and sugar classes.

Writing and Reading are two things I wish I could do more often. Though I can be rather picky about what I read. My favorite series end up being Vampire series; Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber. If you like simpler stories that just are easier to read and pull you right in, I would suggest it. I'm not saying it's lame, or nothing for not having a giant structured plot like Harry Potter or something, but I personally can't read Harry Potter. Oh how I want to. I'm obsessed with the Marauder's era, and I technically knows what goes on in the books, I've just never been able to get past the first five chapters in the first book without being bored. And that time, anticipation could not get me through the book.

I also love the House of Night series by the Cast family. (Don't have my glasses on and I'm being lazy) It dives into a whole different world of Vampires I didn't think people wrote about. It has religion much like Wicca, and for those of you who are going to bash on anything besides Christianity, then GTFO. You are missing out on a GREAT learning experience for your uneducated mind. Yes, I say uneducated because a lot of the people I've met who are Christian think that Wicca is a religion where you cut open animals and drink their blood. NO. NONONONONONONONONO and NO~! YOU STUPID PERSON WHO HAS INTERNET TO LOOK THIS s**t UP! Wicca worships the freaking EARTH for crying out loud! DO HARM TO NONE~! That's like a big number one rule for them. Seriously. STFU if you haven't done your research. And no, I'm not saying everyone who's Christian doesn't know what Wicca is, but most of what I have personally experienced has been, sadly, the uneducated kind.

Personally? I'm spiritual. I believe in the Mother Goddess of Wicca, but I also believe in a variation of the Christian God. I have been attacked once by a demon in my sleep, and I managed to overcome that ALL BY MYSELF. Didn't need to say out Jesus's name or nothing. I mostly just screamed at it in my dream and it backed the F off.
The second time It was much bigger. And I happened to be awake. So yes, I had a moment where I prayed. I never said I never believed in him, and right then and there, I believed in him more than I ever had in my entire life. But I'm not saying he's the end all be all. If it takes two to tango down here, I believe it takes two to tango upstairs.

But ANYWAY. I always seem to end up ranting about this stuff when I get onto it. Just loads of bad experiences, thanks to Bible country down here. Living in Hawaii I had never experiences such....horrible people just over Religion or skin color. Its horrible. If you're racist or something, don't expect me to like you. At all, in fact, I shall stay this right up front; I HATE YOU. I'm racist against racists. How's that for a mind ********?
People were put on this earth as they were, by God, or who ever , and that means we shouldn't hate our own kind just because they are different. If there wasn't supposed to be diversity in the world, THERE WOULDN'T BE. So get over yourselves, loosers. Yes. I say racists are loosers. Because they are. End of story. Don't like it? Then GTFO. Because I am rather blunt in what I feel and believe. I have every right to be.

Yup, more ranting. I should just get off the subject, eh?
More books! Right, right; so the Anne Rice Vampire chronicles. Yup. I'm an Anne Rice fan. And I'm sure some of you are wondering 'But what about Twilight?" Personally, I do not like Twilight.
The only thing Twilight has to say is 'life is not worth living if you don't have a vampire Boyfriend like Edward'. ******** that. Edward's an abusive jerk. I'd take the sadistic Lestat over him ANYDAY.
But don't even get me started on that rant. I'll go on just as long as I did with the religious rant.

The Vampire Academy series is good too. I haven't finished it yet, though I should. I haven't even read the third book yet, even though I own it. Haha.
And then just for your knowledge, I like anime and manga too. 'Red River' is my favorite manga, along with 'Godchild'. Kauri Yuuki's art is AMAZING. End of story. And then my favorite Anime would be 'Yu Yu Hakusho', and Sailor Moon. If you don't know Sailor Moon, I've only got one question for you; have you been under a ROCK your entire life?

I am also an RPer. Love to RP. Love it. I typically like having a couple RP's going on at a time. I am considered Literate when I want to be, but most of the time I keep it down to Semi-literate I believe. I like to do no less than 3 good paragraphs, and now a days I'd rather do more like five. I like having about 1000 + words in a post, and have done almost 3k words before in just one post. It all depends on what I have to use, and how I feel about it. So yea~

Okay, so I now have to continue to corrupt my little sisters into liking Pokemon, the original series. So if you'll excuse me~
Blessed be



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Diary of the MoonlightIllusionist

Screw being a princess, I want to be a Vampire~!

Just w/e I feel like putting in here. My day, how Im feeling, what Ive been doing, ect..


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happy b-day name twin! heart

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Yer AVI raped my AVI of its cuteness. Its the only explination..... xD. Now she's out for revenge via, hangings and...tears of blood. XD

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If I have to stalk you everywhere, I will stalk you everywhere.. >.> xD

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I dunno.

I could by Princess of Orbit right now..but it would really just ruin my current AVI xD I went and bought Lovely Lucy and that....Blue Wisteria Item. Obviously i'm loading up on more Blue items....again..when really I just need items to work around my Princess Mustachio... >.> I need a good Arm item...then I think i'll be set. xD

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The Divinity Items come in purple..

You know..

Cause I know how much you like purple.. xD

And noo! I need princess of the woods! Not princess of the heavens! xD I'm...900mil off. xD

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I'm just wearing my Galactic Recruit and Demons Dignity. I wanted those hard.

Buuut! My next AVI will have princess mustachio in itttttt xD

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Dem Legs doe....


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Thank you for your purchase. Good luck and I love your avi, by the by. heart

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I would just like to say..how I enjoy seeing most of the stuff I gave you... on your AVI xD

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YAY Rainbow Avatars heart


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