Aloha, Hello, Konnichiwa, Guten Tag, Ciao, and all that other jazz.

MoonlightIllusionist here. However, I go by a number of things: Ms.Moon, Moony, Kris, or Bree. Which ever works for you. As long as its not rude, I'll take all sorts of nicknames.

I'm a Pizza Delivery Driver in her 20's, working on going to school for Graphic Arts & Imaging, along with attempting to write a couple of books in the process.

I consider myself Spiritual. Let's not make this a big deal.

I consider myself a supporter for Gays, black, men, women, plants, the earth. I try to love everyone as they are, but I certainly don't want everyone in my life. When I find that people are being hateful towards others, it makes me feel like a hypocrite, because then I just want to hate on them. I feel very strongly about giving HUMAN BEINGS their rights. And when another group wants to bash them, and take those rights, It really makes me mad and frustrated.
If you really believe in God, then why aren't you living in love and light?

I love languages, though I don't speak any. I tried French, and I know a little, but uh...that's about it. I just don't have the brain capacity anymore. Or perhaps I need to find a better way to educate myself on languages? Who knows. Either way, I think they're cool. Expression is fantastic. Just don't be a p***k.

I love art. I love writing. I love role playing, photography, graphic arts, fashion, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I am definitely a dork, and proud of that. I am on Tumblr. More so than I am ever on facebook. I like imgur. I'm kind of obsessed with gaia role playing, but I'm a lazy s**t sometimes, and end up not wanting to do anything but veg when I have days off of work.

School is about to murder me. Send help.

I still use AIM on a daily basis. Skype I try to remember to log on, but I don't always.

My favorite color is purple.

I don't have a favorite movie, but I have a list of movies I really love.
Dirty Dancing. Harry Potter(all of them). Practical Magic. Beauty and the Beast. And many more.

I used to watch anime a lot. And read a lot of manga. I have, however, stopped. I just don't have the time to swallow my life and sleep in things like that anymore. When I do, I might get back into stuff. My favorites would be...Yu Yu Hakusho & Red River. But I have plenty that I did enjoy, and plenty I have no watched/read before.

If you're still here, then I'd love to give you a cookie. Figured I'd bore people out of here by now. I'm a lot more entertaining in real life. I make lots of jokes, and am especially flirtatious with people I am comfortable with.

I believe in Ghosts. Why? B/c my house is haunted, and so is my grandmothers, and I've had weird supernatural occurrences happening to me all my life. Don't believe? That's fine. Just don't be a d**k about it.

I'm definitely the weird type. I drink, but I'm not usually stupid about it. And I'm a typical college student who has a hard time affording food, but saves up for alcohol. Cause who doesn't? xD I'm allergic to the weirdest things, like the added coloring that goes into most caramel products. (And I love caramel. Its sad.) And I have two little sisters who are 16 and 14 years younger than me.

If I haven't scared you off, then feel free to say hi. I like making new friends. I just have learned not to take much bullshit. I also have a hard time keeping up random conversations about nothing particular. So..its not that I don't like you, its just that Idk what else to say anymore.



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Diary of the MoonlightIllusionist

Screw being a princess, I want to be a Vampire~!

Just w/e I feel like putting in here. My day, how Im feeling, what Ive been doing, ect..


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Im cool, just super busy lately. xp
We miss you!

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emotion_bigheart Just sending you some love.
Kudasai_Ai_Watashi mo

Report | 02/28/2017 9:40 pm

Kudasai_Ai_Watashi mo

How have you been? heart
Kudasai_Ai_Watashi mo

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Kudasai_Ai_Watashi mo

Miss you Moon.

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Well. I'm happy for you!

heart heart heart

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Oh. You know.

Video games and work. And trips out of town.

I finally got a new laptop. So I suppose I'm stepping back into the world of Gaia. heart

Happy for youuuuu~ <3 <3

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Hey Guuuuuurl wink
angel allure

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angel allure

biggrin That's so great to hear! I'm doing well. I've just been planning a vacation for my 6th year anniversary with the hubby. I can't wait to get away and just...relax. Which is kinda funny, since I don't have a job rn? LOL
angel allure

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angel allure

It's been a while. I found the thread where you made my graphics for me, again. I was wondering how you were doing. n.n

Also, I'm really loving your profile design. emotion_bigheart

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can you do 13b on your Durem Donut Darling?