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o really?

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Report | 02/18/2017 6:34 pm


you know me, semi-important is about as important as I can ever be.

Report | 01/15/2017 2:44 pm


well, I have the first, third, and fourth of those things. not so much sunshine though, but I'll buy a grow lamp. emotion_awesome
I guess so. sweatdrop

thanks, I hope so too! ttyl.

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social anxiety doesn't really come into play if I know the person. honestly, we just joked around a lot, played video games, and talked. it felt good, like a long-term close friendship despite it being only a few hours of time spent in person. we were friends for six months or so before dating, and dated for nearly two months before meeting.
mostly a timing thing. how busy one party is vs the amount of time allowable for conversation. too much work, not enough time.

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there is at her house though. it's a state route. tractor-trailers pass at all times of day. pfft, bike. lol

that seems kinda insulting tbh. gonk
we got along perfectly, were happy together, and there was nothing wrong between us. it was mostly a fear and logistics thing...and there's still a chance we can make it work again./
well...that's true. but, it is what it is. sound and distraction kills me, and they're nothing but sound and distraction.


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don't tell me what to do! you're not my mom! *runs into traffic barefoot*

the relationship status? it's better than it seems. besides, what good does being upset do?
or if you meant the family situation, well, I'm just used to it and trapped by it.


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I'm plenty growed up! can even cross the street by myself! scream
nope, we broke up back before Christmas. we're still close, but not together anymore.

not possible, sadly. it's either stay here and be miserable with some privacy, or be home and be miserable with no privacy.


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yep, and the second. tbh, the breakup had nothing to do with me or how I acted/didn't act. it was due to stress and worry on her part.
her apartment. nope, no family nearby. her mother lives about half an hour away.

no, she and my entire family are paranoid about everything. always have been. it's...impossible to be nice to her. she infuriates me on a daily basis.


Report | 01/14/2017 5:00 pm


it's reasonable though. not much of a strain either, bc the actual route is really simple. almost a straight line.
yep, that was the first visit, over Thanksgiving.
true, but hard to think like that in the moment. especially when starving, cold, tired, and bored. sweatdrop

freezing rain's probably the most dangerous weather type too. sheer ice, nothing to give traction like snow. usually results in downed trees and power lines too.
that, and she's just cowardly about everything. excessive, needless, senseless worry.

yeah, you do need a new tactic. gonk
okay, ttyl.

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you sent it, I was just away. making my grandmother panic.
she's terrified everything's a solid sheet of ice out there. I walked down and got the mail, against her wishes.

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about 45 minutes away. and we know the area well. in the city, and we used to live in the city. plus, my mother works in that specific area.

week of Winter. lol
we had snow, and now have freezing rain.


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