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Report | 01/27/2015 8:29 am

Psycho Koneko

I lack a Deviantart account, but I wanted to comment that I absolutely adore your HTTYD artwork. I knew I recognized Hiccup in your signature and I couldn't help but look at your art through your link. Never thought I would find Hiccup so damn cute without his buck teeth.
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Report | 08/11/2014 1:25 pm


Just dropped by to say your signature picture's colors are so beautiful! As well as the drawing ohoho~ whee
Chiisana Tantei's avatar

Report | 06/02/2014 11:54 pm

Chiisana Tantei

Yes yes!!
Not like i'm counting [/nervous laugh]
Chiisana Tantei's avatar

Report | 06/02/2014 8:41 pm

Chiisana Tantei

why thank you! :D
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Report | 05/31/2014 7:36 am

episodic tears

Aww you get motion sickness ? THATSUCKS Do you know third birthday ? I think that's the only game that i'm good at with shooting--LOL .
Other than that, i don't know how to even focus my gun on a single enemy . emotion_facepalm
Guess i'm not alone . And sir, i radmire you ! I saw you somewhere in the forums about final fantasy XV emotion_bigheart
episodic tears's avatar

Report | 05/31/2014 4:46 am

episodic tears

Waah... your sig art is awesome and you prefer RPG games moar than shooterr - !!
As if I even care's avatar

Report | 05/22/2014 4:18 pm

As if I even care

Aw. Dern it.
I'm broke as fawk, yo.
Too bad. I can always admire your erts from a distance. <u<
As if I even care's avatar

Report | 05/22/2014 2:30 pm

As if I even care

Commissions, sorry. Dx
As if I even care's avatar

Report | 05/22/2014 10:23 am

As if I even care

You do mishmishes? ouo
your bb's avatar

Report | 04/29/2014 10:52 pm

your bb

o u o
your art is spectacular<3
Sincerely Ophelia's avatar

Report | 04/18/2014 8:36 pm

Sincerely Ophelia

Your signature art is magnificent! emotion_kirakira Do you do commissions?
Hachisuka's avatar

Report | 04/16/2014 10:22 am


I just wanted to say that the art in your signature is gorgeous!
Spoggly's avatar

Report | 04/11/2014 12:13 am


Do you have a DA or a tumblr or anything? I probably won't be able to afford your art ever but I can at least drool at it... redface
B R A I N's avatar

Report | 04/07/2014 5:47 pm


I am mesmerized by your sig art

wow... amazing eek
lK a ii r ii's avatar

Report | 04/04/2014 11:24 am

lK a ii r ii

I love your profile & art. <3
Lightning is probably my favorite amongst the bunch. Did you play the games? I don't want to assume. xD

Maybe sometime I can get around to drawing your avatar! We have similar styles though so I don't know if you'd appreciate it as much!
Blood Mistress Kyoku's avatar

Report | 04/04/2014 8:26 am

Blood Mistress Kyoku

I saw your sig and wanted to say that your art is lovely! If you do commissions I'd love to get something from you~ <3
Snowyfoxs's avatar

Report | 04/03/2014 3:52 pm


Random person passing through, but I saw you art in your signature and just wanted to say you draw really well. *-*
Have a nice day!
Kawaii Onyx's avatar

Report | 03/17/2014 2:39 am

Kawaii Onyx

hihi can i commission u? n_n

Report | 03/09/2014 9:28 pm


******** that was supposed to be >:(

Report | 03/09/2014 9:28 pm


stop being good at art I hate you > sad
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