Yeah, there used to be a roleplay profile here, but it was horribly out of date. So I took it down, and I'm not sure if I'll put a new one back up. >.>; Although you won't be able to really know who I am without chatting with me, I've decided to put up a few nearly useless facts about me.

-I can usually be found in the B/C Pets forums. In fact... that's probably how you came across this profile in the first place.
-Contrary to popular belief, I DON'T MIND PM's. Well, as long as they don't consist of begging, chain letters, or inedible spam.
-I love to roleplay, but time constraints caused by college can cause fluctuating success rates in achieving activity at times.
-I really like coffee. Liek woah.
-I have an immense fondness for SatAM / Archie StH. Bravo if you know what the heck I'm talking about. xD
-I really need to get two a DeviantArt account... but first, I need to complete a few more art pieces that I'm proud of. Look for them in the future?
-I apparently refer to everyone as "Dude," despite gender... or actually being sentient.
-I'm going to create my own profile page layout one of these days. No, really. I'm serious.
-Ham is great for random conversation insertion.

I'll probably add other things up here later. In the meantime... random information ahoy!

* * *

Adoptable Profile Pages:
ANTHROBreedables, Anthropomorphs (Old Thread), Blathanna, Chibi Wolfies/Lupus Avians, Cookie Dough Bakery, Deepwood Volu, Elemental Unis, Ginger Kits, (I See A) Bad Moon Rising, Lumina, KoshiElves, and Nikko Pups

ACTIVE Individual Adoptable Profile Pages:
Arashi, Beta, Calcifer, Cardice, Conrad Warwick, Endymion Talon, Emmerich, Enitan, Karma Willows, Kenley, Kyran, Lettie Laptev, Margarita Talon, Mycah, Terpsichore Talon, Toulouse, and Trace

Individual Adoptable Profile Pages Where SHOP STATUS IS UNKNOWN:
Fage Ferrum, Gemelle Creighton, Kiet Lindberg, Kreutz Ārgos, Merit Khloros, Raleigh Lindberg, and Summer Ārgos

INACTIVE Individual Adoptable Profile Pages:
Amethyst, Calla Arum, Hajari Seishin, Hibashira, Huru Reis, Iridian & Cheyenne Ekibyougami, Nina Falco, Sarojin Alphonse, Shiriko Fukashigi, Tarachand, Wray Ladan, and Xanthe Fiore



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thank you a million for your purchase <3 have a great day

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A Very Merry Birthday To You, To You
A Very Merry Birthday To You, To You
Now Blow The Candle Out My Dear
And Make Your Wish Come True
A Very Merry Birthday To You!

Yes, I have had The Unbirthday Song stuck in my head all morning, why do you ask? razz
Tyche Fortuna

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Tyche Fortuna

Tyche Fortuna

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Tyche Fortuna

Happy Birthday!

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*snug* Love you!

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Love you! Hey, if I don't see you by Christmas, I wanted to wish you a very merry one!

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Apparently my nook has nicknamed you Mooch... xD I meant Moog, Ilu!

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Mooch! I miss you! *hug* I look forward to talking you soon!

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I hope you're having a great time in your classes!

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