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Welcome Lurkers!I am Montmerency and your current location is my profile..Why and how you got here is beyond me~

━━━Info about Montmerency━━━━

My name is Zane and I am a 17 year old girl from Latvia with red hair,who enjoys roleplaying very much <3~ I am interested in other things which include

♤Satw by Humon on Da
♤Visual kei and Jrock [Is a groupie for the japanese musicians hehehe~]
♤Kpop(DBSK,Shinee,Exo etc)
♤Yaoi <3~
♤Anime[in general]
♤Video games
♤Horror movies,games,stories etc[I am a big fan of silent hill <3~]
♤Other things...If I would continue we would go on forever so I'll stop here ⊙◡⊙

My dream is to become a voice actress when I become older and If I have to be honest that dream is kinda...Well childish..In my country there is no future for such a profession and my voice..It's kinda low and often it makes me wonder..Is that good..Or bad..?Well not that I can change that anyways ಥ ^ ಥ
Just so you know...Tell me I sound like a boy and a punch is coming your way~

━━━As a roleplayer━━━━

I do often roleplay and even though I am not a native English speaker I think I do it fairly good,but I still have so much to improve..hahaha it seems depressing orz..There is one thing that helps me improve my rping..Slowly but it does help~I am good at writing in Latvian,namely I am good at allegory and allegoric stories,thus I easily get ideas.Sometimes they are good,sometimes they suck XD All depending on the situation and my mood <3~
I have a history of rping for about a little more than a year,but time means nothing to me. I have owned five rp's in this time,one of which was a Hetalia one that survived almost a year and I'll be honest,I never expected it to survive so long XD I expected it to die in the first month or so,but I am very thankful to the rp because it taught me mostly everything I know about rping now:Layouts,Modding a roleplay,interaction with other rpers and etc..Undeniably one of the best rp experience I had ever had..Also worst but not gonna go into details about the bad!~
A hilarious fact is that I only role play Yaoi and Yuri.but Het.Just no ◡_◡
I don't know why,but I just can't roleplay het good and never have I ended an rp successfully with my character being straight and falling love with the opposite gender XD well *shrugs* s**t happens lol

━━━Other Sh*t━━━━
You'll rarely see me in the town or rally because mostly I am lurking in the petition and roleplay forums..Well sometime on ZOMG But rarely! > w >
Also Visual kei and Jrock are what is keeping me alive and I spend my days happily listening to Japanese music with my friends and gushing over how cute most of them look!~ Especially Saga from Alice nine * o *

Well I guess that would be all...NOW GTFO D8<


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Hello! I am on an advertising missing for my forum. We've just opened and we're looking for new members. I noticed in your interests that you like Durarara!! so I thought I'd drop a line and see if you were interested. A lot of canon characters are still open and we're accepting OCs as well. We're really hoping to take off soon and become an awesome and welcoming community for all fans of the anime. Thanks for your time~!

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break."
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Cute Puppies99

Report | 07/08/2010 6:19 pm

Cute Puppies99

thx for buyin...
White Rave Dragon

Report | 07/08/2010 11:26 am

White Rave Dragon

I change my name. Was Black Into Black
The Pancake Cat

Report | 07/05/2010 2:43 am

The Pancake Cat

Zinu ka tas ir crying
Zane, es tak zinu ka ta esi tu XD
Nopietni pasties Kuroshitsuji II tik superigi, tur bija Sebastians un vinam lidzi bija Ciel in a box lol

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THanks for buying from my shop smile
Lady Gothica1

Report | 02/14/2010 1:36 pm

Lady Gothica1

Thx for buying!

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SAME!!! eek i have a friend. she like to see HENTAI but she hates Yaoi and Yuri. when i told her about Yaoi....she started to say 'i'm going to try Yaoi'.
Then i force her. she watch Yaoi and she said....'I LOVE YAOI!!! eek ' xDD rofl
she like SasuNaru. same as me >w<
hey! i found some yaoi! go to Youtube (of course) and type 'a1sasuke'
u will see all Yaoi list! eek
i watch all of it. dramallama

Report | 01/02/2010 9:56 am


yaoi....i....need....more...YAOI!! eek
hetalia hamburger

Report | 12/01/2009 3:32 pm

hetalia hamburger

sry about that,it just seemed pretty quiet,
by the way,awesome guild^^

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Murdoc and Noodle are my favorite! <3 lol


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