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Name: Stuffles
Age: Over 300
Status: Prince/King of the reapers.
Bio: Murdered his families killers when he was nine. Bought from his asylum until he was 18. He was bought and experimented on at 18. The rest of his history can be told if asked.
Pet: His turtle on a balloon Jim.
Helpers: Reapers.
Fun Fact: He can eat anything.

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Name: Jackal Lantern or Jack
Age: Over 100
Status: General of the imps of Hell.
Bio: One of the many children of Stuffles. Was a serial Killer Called Candle Jack. Tortured in hell started a rebellion with the imps of it and got a permanent seat of power. Uses his weapon the candle stick which looks like a candle with the blade sticking out of the end.
Helpers: His pumpkin Imps.
Fun Fact: He is obsesses with cursed objects such as his hat and gauntlet.

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Name: Doctor J
Age: Unknown.
Status: Undead Mad scientist.
Bio: Once a reveled scientist he brought himself back to life through his experiments. He is still brilliant but he's insane as well.
Pet: Jerry the floating Shark
Helpers: Robots he builds
Fun Fact: He likes to experiment with his looks alot. So therefore he has quite a few forms.

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