Elven Dearest
Lady Hellflower

The Monster Lord's Treasures.

Always IC unless bubbles closed with "]]" so be warned.

If you don't meet my standards I just won't acknowledge you. Ain't a hobby if I don't enjoy it baes, sorry not sorry.

He is 9'8" tall, and incredibly masculine, so don't take that "Looking down on him / her" as condescending, he's just very tall.

Fynneunc fru vuikrd, zicdela ykyehcd paycd

Padnyoat frah ymm drao vuikrd vun fyc bayla

Dra lnaydun'c tacekhc, dudym anytelydeuh

Fynneunc vekrdehk vun zicdela, nalaejehk hu jehtelydeuh

Napunh du vekrd vun bayla, kieca nabidypma y paycd