what? me?

~KEPO time~

ALO! Hey guys! momoka's here o/
I'm a mule from my previous account, who's named 'snowie_dark'. That account got banned just because I bought any items from exchange forum, and I didn't know that those items were from the result of hacking someone Dx

Oh, btw, I'm from Indonesia, live in a place that near Bali, on the east side of java island, that's Banyuwangi ^w^
I was born at 17th November
I have many good people around me, that's YOU and all of Universe member.
I love good person, so be a good person and I'll love you! <3

That's for all... Anything else? Just leave me ur comments >w<

Random friend requests were accepted, so don't be afraid if you want to add me.I wont bite you! really! ^^
(psst... khususnya Indonesian! xD)
Then, join this, Indonesian! >w<
Indonesia Ngerumpi Guild