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hi anyone..
the name is adah.I live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.I'm still living with my parents despite the age of a woman smilies/icon_stare.gif . I have a pets one cat and two hamsters...michi the cat, momo and chiki....all of them were females ..i usually want female and male hamsters so that i can get more hamster but seems i got the idiot pet store owner who can't recognise her own pet accidentally giving me female despite im asking her to get me the male one...sooo unlucky for me..anyway i already graduated from my university so now i'm currently working at some big company...even i'm busy working and having adulthood life...i still love watching anime reading manga and play parents always keep remind me to be more lady like but that won't do cause i still wanna live like myself now...and also i like to draw something mostly characters from anime...other thing about me also is i'm not a sociable person so when you see me at towns i might just keep myself quiet and enjoy looking at other even you guys talk to me first i might just sayin least yeah im not fun to talk with a new people...even so i maybe can interact will people if they talking about something i like such as anime games youtubers or yeah im addicted to kpop so much especially boy group,,,so yeah feel free to look forward of me and hope you guys enjoy looking at my profile and thanks for stopping by


rason d'etre

kyoukai no kanata ending