Hiya Gaia.

So. I don't come on here hardly at all anymore. I want to say 'Oh, I'll never come on here again because Gaia just isn't the same and they are more concerned about money than their actually users!'

Which, they do. And it isn't the same. But that's ... not why I'm stating the obvious here.

I've been really inactive of all my social media websites expect for my personal RL accounts like FB, Instagram... all because I started to lean more into my RL than my online. For once.

I'm extremely busy with work. With having fun with my life. Trying to work on a relationship... and overall I'm trying to build myself up. And I'm enjoying myself.

I'm happy.

So, I won't say I'm leaving Gaia. But I will say, I'm not putting all of my attention nor effort/money as I used to in the past. And to be quite frank with you, that goes for ALL of my accounts.

For the people who I've met here and we've grown close, you know how to find me. Boo, Spag and Arti... just, thank you. Thank you. From my entire heart. I know I suck at keeping up communication... especially now, but please know I keep you guys close to my heart. I'm going to get my s**t together.

For the rest? It's been real.

Thanks for showing me a good time, Gaia. It was good while it lasted.



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Molotov Kitteh

by: Booyakaa aka Waifu