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A bit about me

Hi stalker, call me Moki or momo,
I'm 16, I like going outside.
There is only two food groups: meats and sweets.
I'm pretty nice.
Taken by Xiao- my one and only bae she bangs me hard at night.

Gender: Genderless, whether you see me as a girl or a guy doesn't matter to me.
Attraction: Xiao
Mood: unproductive

Likes: Plenty of things
Dislikes: Lies

Wish List:
These items are the few i actually like on gaia.

Commissions are currently: full
Freebie thread
Just post in it and i'll do you when time permits.

♡ Thank you Donators ♡:

-Xiao (68bils) ♡♡♡
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