I joined Nov. 11, 2004 on the account mokemono after a friend in art class kept pestering me about joining this site. I was lucky to have her teach me how to roleplay properly and not be a n00b. I've made many great friends who are dear to me, and over the years my art has improved. I also gained inspiration to start using Photoshop. 3nodding My favorite color is blue, and my hobby is, well, drawing.

I'm not what you would call the smartest crayon in the box so to say, so I never get involved with subjects like politics and religion or other in-depth discussions. I'm very down to earth and open minded, and I don't make a big deal out of things like appearances. I'm also a bit of a tomboy. It's hard for me NOT to be nice or kind, but there are those moments where I do snap at people if I'm in a bad mood.

Well, anyway, during the Summer Festival in September '07 I was hacked by logging into a false login site. So I had to close my shop and considered giving up on Gaia, but thanks to my friends who supported me, and the many people who loved my stuff, I decided to begin anew. When December came around I had gotten my hacked items back. Thanks to the Mods who helped, you're great! =D
The experience served as a lesson for me to be far more careful and aware.

I love spending my gold to buy people stuff rather than spend it on myself. Being generous gives you a warm feeling inside. x3

I do not accept random n00b friend requests.

Nor do I post my picture on the internet. >>

Don't ask me for gold or items or art.

Being my friend does not automatically get you free art!

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Thank you for buying the Doll for me, starwberryakari! heart

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My personality in a nutshell (Sort of):
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Solstice Seraph

Report | 04/15/2017 6:30 pm

Solstice Seraph


Report | 02/20/2017 11:49 am


Thank's can't drink so much juice, but I can eat and drink other good stuff to make me fell well biggrin

Report | 02/20/2017 11:14 am


Thank you sweetie smile Hope everything is alright with you. I have been home today because of illness... sad

Report | 02/20/2017 11:08 am


How cute you look today heart

Report | 02/12/2017 4:00 pm


How is it with you??

Report | 02/12/2017 3:32 pm



Report | 01/30/2017 8:50 am


Congrats!! emotion_bigheart

You got this Moke! 3nodding

Report | 01/26/2017 8:43 pm


Hi Moke! How did your test go? :3

Report | 01/23/2017 10:14 am


Then be ready to go through a lot of blushing! whee
It's hard being picky with art, it's a struggle we'll have to live with. xD
Aww thank you, it makes me really happy that you liked my art since then! 0///0 heart
Ahhh I know what you mean, my first couple digital pieces looked like a child drew them too. xd

I loved your anatomy for your chibis though, it made them unique and looked cuter that way! xd
Oh really, then I will have to go through my art pile and find my older ones, they were sad attempts. lol

Agreed, I get so worried when that happens, it's like that's going to be my source of income, please don't make it suffer. OTL
Sure thing, I'll try drawing something with them this weekend if I can. 3nodding
I've also been using watercolor so that's been an adventure. <.<

Deal, don't want are hands to die from the drawing too much. xD
I'd love if you drew Sunmi! And if you have a place where you have OCs or your avatars be sure to link me them so I can see them. biggrin

It might be because I lack the right tablet, mine is years old and way out dated, maybe when I get a better one I can give line work on sai again. lol
I know some artists are crazy good on there, like what the heck did you do to get that pro at it. o_o
Probably is, I never hear people talk about it. but it's free and I like making my own brushes on there. ^o^
Ooh that sounds good, I'll definitely have to check it out then. Good thing you can ink freehand. biggrin

You're welcome! And of course, they're so cute, I can't wait to see more of your work. heart

Report | 01/22/2017 3:21 pm


Ah I gotcha. xd
Hehe yeah we can, it'll be fun~! blaugh

Aw I'm just being honest, I'm very picky with art which saddens me, but when I first came across yours I was like "this is was cute art looks like" I loved it the second I saw it. heart heart
I can relate to that, when I started chibis they would end up looking like small children of my regular style. xD
Lol agreed then. heart

You can always just use them for small doodles if that helps. xD
Aw thank you. <3 I'll get back into using my Copics, but my hand had been cramping up faster so I wanted to give it a break. OTL (I do miss them though, I need to learn more techniques with them though since the artists I follow on instagram are crazy good with them. o_o)

THANK YOU~!!!! T^T heart heart Haha thanks, but it would end up being a draw off because if you did that I would go and draw you another one anyways!! xd
Oh thank you, I was actually really happy with her too. =D
The coloring is nice on sai, but I'm not 100% use to it yet though, line art was terrible on there for me though. lol I stick to Fire Alpaca for the line arts I do. 3nodding
My friend keeps telling me to get Clip Studio, also has good things to say about it, but first I need a new laptop. lol

Oh they've gotten so much chibier!! 0///0 So cute!! blaugh heart heart
I know what you mean, I get so lazy with updating mine. @_@


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