I joined Nov. 11, 2004 on the account mokemono after a friend in art class kept pestering me about joining this site. I was lucky to have her teach me how to roleplay properly and not be a n00b. I've made many great friends who are dear to me, and over the years my art has improved. I also gained inspiration to start using Photoshop. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif My favorite color is blue, and my hobby is, well, drawing.

I'm not what you would call the smartest crayon in the box so to say, so I never get involved with subjects like politics and religion or other in-depth discussions. I'm very down to earth and open minded, and I don't make a big deal out of things like appearances. I'm also a bit of a tomboy. It's hard for me NOT to be nice or kind, but there are those moments where I do snap at people if I'm in a bad mood.

Well, anyway, during the Summer Festival in September '07 I was hacked by logging into a false login site. So I had to close my shop and considered giving up on Gaia, but thanks to my friends who supported me, and the many people who loved my stuff, I decided to begin anew. When December came around I had gotten my hacked items back. Thanks to the Mods who helped, you're great! =D
The experience served as a lesson for me to be far more careful and aware.

I love spending my gold to buy people stuff rather than spend it on myself. Being generous gives you a warm feeling inside. x3

I do not accept random n00b friend requests.

Nor do I post my picture on the internet. >>

Don't ask me for gold or items or art.

Being my friend does not automatically get you free art!

Thank you for buying the Doll for me, starwberryakari! smilies/icon_heart.gif



My dA

If you would like to visit my artshop, click on the link below. :]

My personality in a nutshell (Sort of):
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your avatar is so lovely!!~

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thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_smile

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Thank you Moke!! It puts a notification on your My Status page I think...and that's it...

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whee You look so cute!!

heart heart You are more than welcome!! heart heart

<3 You are the best <3

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Is today really your birthday dear? I hope it's wonderful, either way!! heart heart

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:3 You look like Card Capture Sakura...but with your typical whites and light blue flare <3

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Haiiii Mokeeee emotion_kirakira

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Oh, okay! ;A; NVM then! crying

Oh, out by Santa Barbara, L.A, and Oxnard? Right on! That's way down south. I live closer to Sacramento. I live about an hour from there now, where as before I was two and a half hours away in Merced! ;A; So, I basically live up north near San Francisco and stuff. Just a little bit lower.

Yeah, I just need to get a job first. That's usually what stresses me out. I had a really great job for over a year, it was dangerous and I hated it. But the hours and money were great. Not gonna lie heart

Oh nooo! omg, it is so difficult when a lot of people are under the same roof. The illnesses get spread like wild fire and sometimes, you stay in a cycle for a month or so getting each other sick again and again. We finally all got better except for one of us, but he will be fine. lol. When all 5 of us were sick, it was unbearable.

Oh, wow! Really? That's great, babe! I am so happy and excited for you! How was your first day at the humane society? And I think that is so great that your therapist is encouraging you to try and go back to work. That is so exciting! This is going to be so good for you! smile Im really happy . I cant wait to hear how this helps and works out for you. Don't let a bad day ruin it though. Because, depending on what you will be doing, you might get rude customers and stuff. Just dont let that discourage you, if that ends up being the case on one day. Not every day will be like that and just think of the money. lol. Thats what I do. I end up focusing on that and it really helps me get through a lot.

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Awww... ;A; Really? Where towards? Up north or something?
I wish I lived closer so we could hang out </3 (I did tell you I moved to modesto, CA, right?)

omfg, dude, i knoooow. I still need to finish moving all my s**t over from my old apartment to the house I live in now. But my roommates are amazing. They have been helping me a lot with anything and everything I have needed heart

I am not sure. I was babysitting my friends 8 month old and she was sick. I ended up getting whatever she had and I was DYYYYING for, like, 2 weeks or so. omg, it was terrible! crying

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Nope, and I don't know you.

Which is why I'm doing this. To get to know you, and say hello! 3nodding


3DS FC: 3454 - 1307 - 4644
Monster Hunter anyone?

[quote="Moonblow"]my boobs look fabulous. smilies/icon_eek.gif[/quote]