wuts gud mah niqqas, mah nam3 is m0niqua. im afRikaN 100% REPPIN AFRIKA! im fr0m da br0nx, BX ALL DAY YA HURD. riding dat 6 train 3rryday. anyways . . im 17 years 0ld, im a s0ftmor3 at g03rg3 washingt0n hisk00l. im a m0d3l, my id0ls are tyrah bangs, b3y0nce and kim k@rDaZA1n i plan t0 b3 lyk3 tyra 0ne day, im sinql3 guis, hmu! i lyk3 t0 drink, i hardli sm0k3, and i l0v3 t0 partayy ! im iN ma sK00ls tw3rk t3am. als0, i HaV3 a tw0o Y3aR 0lD s0N . -2012

heeyy guis, im finna back now! just tryna ta fill ya guis up on wats new with mi!!
im 19 years old . im a junior! head captain of da dance team . i gave birth to anotha child jus a month agoo, her name is moella!! she is butiful! luks jus like ha fatha, idk who dat is tho . my sun is now fo yrs old, hes gon be a basketbal playa 1 day! - 2014


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Yeah, she told me she was & that she wanted to date me but i said. "#swervebetch talk2hand "

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A b***h hacked my account while i was sleeping,
you're welcome whore. c: