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Debating on taking a hiatus.
Will update when I feel like it.
So uhh, about me...
-Nicknamed myself Jay cause I like the ring to it.
-Of Hispanic descent.
-Seventeen years old.
--The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Flash, Agents of Shield
-(obviously a geek)
-I love to volunteer, it makes me feel happy when I'm down.
-I don't want to be stopped by a toll before I get to experience life.

"I need to grow out of the habit of finding myself in a solitudinous place and find my own true happiness. I cannot rely on other people to show me right from wrong, after all it is my decision that gives myself my own outcome."


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LethalSquiirts is awesome!

...and to what remark describes the absence of your heart?

Please don't forget me...

Esperando duele, Olvidar duele,
pero el peor del los sufrimientos
es no saber que decision tomar o
no atreverte tomar la.