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Hello hello,
Seventeen year old female
Of Hispanic background
Bilingual in both Spanish and English
California = home
Likes to draw and listen music
Music genres preferred:
-Indie Pop & Rock
-Alternative (Pop & Rock / Neutral)
-Electronic (some)
My personality can become rather salty depending on how much or how long I've known you. I tend to make jokes about things because I enjoy the little things. Yes I'm in college.///////////
Growing up is internal torment in a way, but doing what you love is great for your self. My family sucks because my dad sucks. My favorite color is purple and I like animals. Food is equivalent also. I can mess up things pretty easily but I really tend to distance myself from people. I also like memes and get feels. I have biases on shows an movies generally pertaining to Marvel and DC so I know a thing or two+ on some super heroes. (I cosplay two of my fave mains)
My name is Jazmin btw.