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Mo_4011 -Anon-

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Gender: Female

Location: All alone somewhere for me to know and you to find out

Birthday: 11/27

Occupation: Bus Driver Apprentice


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I'm the number that doesn't belong
Always alone, silent my song
I've done some good and a whole lot wrong
I still don't know if I can stay long
I've done something that cannot be redeemed
Regreting it still, the old wound bleeds
A constant cannot change
So deep I bury this rage
My restraint as unbreakable chains
Holding in Fury
Untill things get blurry
And I snap.
You don't wanna see that.
I'm distracted alot as the world goes by
I'm an idiot, I can't deny
I also may have an obsession with PI
Among other things...
Sometimes I'd like to have something like wings
I don't like heights though
Should introduce myself now so,
I like playing with lightning and fire
I'm the Mathmatical Outlier -bows-

outlier[out-lahy-er]   out·li·er   /ˈaʊtˌlaɪər/ Show Spelled[out-lahy-er] Show IPA
1. a person or thing that lies outside.
2. a person residing outside the place of his or her business, duty, etc.
3. Geology . a part of a formation left detached through the removal of surrounding parts by erosion.
4. Math. For a set of numerical data, any value that is markedly smaller or larger than other values or markedly different from the rest

Outlier often thinks of himself as HE in 3rd person even though He's actually a she, I'ts a quirk she has. He gets into fights and gets injured often, to the point where she's learned first aid. And is usually nice outside of battle. During battle Outlier is a force to be reckoned with He has no problem cutting down enemies and once slaughtered and entire army alone.
Outlier doesn't know how to deal with people much and often spends time alone, He lives in Aekea and works odd jobs. Outlier is fluent in Italian and probably her favorite word is "Technically". Generally he tends to favor one word answers, dislikes repeating herself, and will always say he's fine whatever the situation but rarely is. There are other details about Outlier, but this should be enough for now.
Outlier also loves sheep...

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Yoseobbie Report | 11/02/2014 8:58 am
(Ooh, that's such a cool story to tell though! xD Wow, I wish I could think to do these things too >w<; Ahh, retail hell, I actually had a friend who wanted to try it to experience it.)

Too much coffee is bad for you emotion_donotwant Yay, I get to see what Mo does! emotion_kirakira You're not in trouble, are you now? Ah, *hops on* no need to be so polite, can I ask where we're headed?
(Oh man I'm so terrible with keeping up with comments emotion_facepalm and to top it off, I'm interning and have been taking midterms..)
Yoseobbie Report | 10/05/2014 8:46 am
(Haha, I'm glad to see a few references in there from your experiences xD and I would probably suggest you just get ideas down on for now >w< since you're busy. Retail hell doesn't sound too good, but I know you'll get through it! It's still my first time hearing about Jimmy though~)

NOPE, you can have some tea though... yum_tea So I can come with now? *grabs coat to get ready after sneaking a glance at the bus*
Yoseobbie Report | 09/02/2014 10:07 pm
Maybe still try to cut down on the coffee :c too much is still bad for you. Ah, that was my first time hearing his name still... hmm... (Are you thinking of making a new character? xD) Well, you better be careful then, especially on the dangerous ones! emotion_donotwant Though I do wish you'd find something safer to do...
Yoseobbie Report | 08/27/2014 7:33 pm
Mo, I think you need to keep coffee on a low too xD drinking too much isn't good for you... can I join you on the runs? emotion_kirakira And Jimmy is a new name to me, hmm... (;A; Yeah, haven't replied to comments in so long... gonk )
Yoseobbie Report | 08/02/2014 10:15 pm
Mhmm, that's definitely been up for a while owo glad you're happy at least ^^ Ah, hopefully Doc doesn't burn/sunburn too easily :c I've just been having the most trouble waking up for the most part... if you have any suggestions for that... sweatdrop Those buses must really be keeping you busy though.
Yoseobbie Report | 07/18/2014 9:05 pm
>w> Haha, Valentine's was nearly a disaster... hopefully we see a forum soon at the very least. Usually those appear before the event games for the summer, right? *can't remember* Hmm, I do wonder where we would run our own summer event in the case that they don't make an event though! (Haha, so does that mean you have been planning something?)
Yoseobbie Report | 07/08/2014 8:35 pm
Oh and the summer event's likely not up yet, at least I haven't seen anything in the GCD about it yet (don't read announcements anymore because of the ridiculous amount they post). I wouldn't be surprised that they 'forgot' about it altogether too emotion_donotwant
Yoseobbie Report | 07/08/2014 8:33 pm
You still need it though... here, I'll make sure nothing happens to TB and Radio while you go rest. emotion_donotwant Haha, I don't know why but I'm tired between running out for friends, volunteer and school (summer class). But still hoping you get your rest more! (Any chance I can ask what A&P stands for? xD Mo's job does sound pretty awesome emotion_dowant )
Yoseobbie Report | 06/30/2014 9:45 pm
*gives Mo a hug too* That explains the running with the buses owo I hope you're getting enough rest in there too!
Yoseobbie Report | 06/20/2014 3:52 pm
*pokes Mo* Running with the buses?

Mo was here~

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