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мєssαɢє cσммєɴτ
I don't get on that much anymore, got bored of editing my profile.
I've also been obsessed with Dragon Age: Inquisition and Final Fantasy XIV.

hello~ I go by Minnie. Profile is best viewed on Chrome.
you don't need to know my age, where I live, or what I look like.
I'd like to think myself as simple, nice and easygoing.
quiet, reserved. More of the listening type.

video games, T.V shows, books, cute things and my lovely few friends.

overly depressing people, heavily religious people, beggars and idiots.

More about me for those that are curious.

I'm generally a nice person. I, too, have my pressure points though.
I've been told on many occasion that I am a natural flirt.
That being said - I'm probably not actually into you.
Sorry ahead of time if it seems I am leading you on - it's not my intention.
I don't accept random adds.
I'm not fond of people and I prefer to be alone than with a crowd.
I love my close friends VERY much emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

I am what's considered a nerd and a gamer.
Currently playing Aura Kingdom on the Chimera server.
I do RP, but I'm usually too busy or can never find anything that fits my fancy.
My username is from Skyrim - Mjoll the Lioness, found in Riften.
( I love her accent ~ )
Tolkien is one of my only heroes and my inspiration to most daily activities in life.

I AM NOT RELIGIOUS IN ANY WAY. Please do not try to force your religion onto me.

Classical music is my getaway genre . . aaanndd pastries are my getaway foods . .

Oh, I ship HanniGraham, Destiel, Johnlock, Merthur, and sometimes Captain Swan.
I also have a Tumblr. You should check it out. Warning: NSFW at times~
I have an unhealthy obsession with Hannibal.


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