Why hello there! My name is Angela.

from the usa. prospective who-knows what that's going to
major in spanish. I have major depressive disorder and
an anxiety disorder, some times I really get in a slump
and don't feel like participating in, so
please try not to get too frustrated with me when that
happens. I'm not blowing you off.

Also, if you need someone to talk to, please pm me.
Things are going to be okay. I promise.

I like to roleplay, especially harry potter, legend of korra
and Sherlock. I'm all about roleplaying. it's the only reason
I'm even on this sight anymore.

OTP's: Snily, Johnlock and Linorra (let's not judge,kay? kay.)

I've already accepted that I'll grow up to be that crazy
neighbor who only wears a bathrobe all day every day and
has like 15 cats. So it won't really be a surprise when
it happens.

I collect Michael's Memory. Donate?