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Momo Tomi Report | 10/08/2015 8:23 pm
ur avi looks great! how have u been doing? emotion_hug
iOxxyi Report | 10/06/2015 9:49 pm
Omg you better not spoil it for me

Like every Joo Joong and Tae Gong have a moment together after something bad happened, I always end up having the biggest smile on my face.

Nekomaro Report | 10/06/2015 8:38 pm
wla na kc masyadong magawa dito eh,dami paman din tumigil na gaian crying
iOxxyi Report | 10/05/2015 2:27 pm
I can't afford to binge right now. Homework comes first.

Omg I am on ep 3. Tae Gong Shiii <333 Joo Joong-won needs to accept that he is falling for her D:<

I am trying to finish my homework now so I can watch it!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED lol
iOxxyi Report | 10/04/2015 9:48 pm
Because I will not do my work until I finish watching the show lol
iOxxyi Report | 10/03/2015 11:11 pm
Omg I love it, I couldn't stop watching it.

But I will thank you when I fail this semester. xD jk jk

iOxxyi Report | 10/03/2015 10:14 pm
Wow im only at the first 7 minutes of Master's Sun and it is already getting crazy. xD

I don't watch K Dramas as much, because I don't know which to choose from. T ^T I need your guidance once in a while.

And plus I need to find a hobby that I can enjoy with family. lol <3
iOxxyi Report | 10/03/2015 10:04 pm
Nadeshiko i liked , but i didnt get to finish Yamato Dx !!!
iOxxyi Report | 10/03/2015 9:10 pm
I'm using it silly. xD
iOxxyi Report | 10/03/2015 7:08 pm
I just have a lot of stuff I do not really need in my invo. Dx taking up too much space.

And what is this gift for silly? lol heart