Fading Away into the depth of dispare
Comeing out... mabey
I might be leaving this life...
But wait,
Is there a shimmer of hope?
I'm falling and falling never stopping
The pit is endless and it is all me
There is no way out and I can't think
No one is here
No one is there
No one is anywhere
It's jsut me in this
lonely world...
It's me in this pit
It's bottemless
I can only feel the dark
There is no end
There is no end to me.
I'm thinking. I'm thinking
But nothing is working
There after me
death is after me
Tehre is no way out
I can't climb up
I can't leave
I'm stuck
It's my mind playing with me
I know it is
I'm bigger then it
but is death bigger then my mind?

Not sure if that would count as a poam. I just tought it fit in with the profile. DArk demeaning. Story of my life. Blagh, blagh blagh! Anyways.

Hey, so I used to be amandamix, but I'm now Mixy Chan. I'm 17, in Grade 12. On April 22nd I will be turning 18. I wnjoy watching anime. I have written five novels and I'm Christian. I love role playing as well. i moved in with my aunt and my uncle and now am in a bigger school.

More about my self.

I enjoy watching Anime although there is no one who likes it along with me... in my town that is. I love to read. Any fantasy. Anything with love and no magic I hate. IT's boring and I plan never to read one again.
I enjoy listening to Japanese music along with Hedly,Sixx A.M. along with other random bands. I love to listen to my I-pod. But that was stolen from me recently so I'm ticked off. ((I want it back))

I love to watch movies as long as there not to scary and there a good enough movie to watch. ((Make the keys to the kingdom a series of movies GArth Nix. It would be so cool!)) Harry potter I still love to watch. Although I never did finsih the seventh book... fell in the lake when we went boating. Multi Tasking is hard in the water.



O holy cow,
the utter's finally full
its time to squirt the milk from the cow.

Silent cow, Holy cow
All is black all is white
Round yon utter, pink and squichy
Holy cow plump and tasty
Drink the milk I give you
Drink the milk I give you

That's all I have done now. These songs are under creative commens copyright. So please don't distribute them over anywhere claiming that you made them.


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My Journal

My name is Amanda I am 14 And i live somewhere, where you don't know ( at least i hope u don't )


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_Leon Camero_

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_Leon Camero_

And yes i did mean ghe X3
_Leon Camero_

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_Leon Camero_

Welcome to ghe Ministry. We hope you feel like your home here smile

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Never knew that 0.o
haha nice XD

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they dont have those stores? 0.o Metro park is fun >w< only been there once

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ah, well in my opinion Canada is better than US >w<

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US >w<

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lol yeah

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yeah lol, where the Asians are in Canada XD since I have a cousin over there

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ooo XD yeah I don't know a lot about Canada besides some of the asian parts and some towns but nice

Report | 01/21/2011 10:30 pm


0.o where? Yes I am stupid >.< not good with Geography but daaaaamn


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