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Dark Chansey Report | 01/05/2017 4:25 am
Dark Chansey
      belated Merry X-mas and Happy New Year to you Misu~ emotion_kirakira MisuteruNeko
      I hope that you and your family have good health and good 2017. emotion_brofist

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 12/18/2016 4:06 pm
Dark Chansey
      thank you redface
      i finally slept almost all day till night crying
      been having problems with laptop lately, so i kept restarting it...
      whenever it hangs on me and the blue screen "memory dump" attacks!! T-T
      also, it happens whenever i'm transferring files
      so far i'm almost done. emotion_yatta

      today, i'm a bit refreshened... although again sleepy. sweatdrop
      i will try again to bring back my sleep pattern to night instead of morning or afternoon. lol

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 12/17/2016 6:32 pm
Dark Chansey
      your avi reminds me of Mary from Secret Garden!!
      omggg you're very creative when combining items. O v O!!

      how are you? i'm about to sleep bec. i haven't slept yet. emotion_zombie
      also trying to transfer files from computer to external hard drive
      so i could ask technician to fix it. T-T;;
      i don't want to take chances anymore or it might be too late then.

      just dropping by with these messages.
      [ my energy is almost drained...@ A @;; ]

      ...signed Dark Chansey
meep12345 Report | 11/13/2016 2:08 am
Thank you for your patronage~! cat_4laugh
Dark Chansey Report | 11/09/2016 7:57 pm
Dark Chansey
      welcome emotion_yatta
      you're so creative emotion_bigheart
      so pretty > w < )b

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 11/09/2016 7:48 pm
Dark Chansey
      your avi looks GORGEOUS!!!

      > 3 < NYAH~ emotion_bigheart

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 10/11/2016 10:24 am
Dark Chansey
      Misu~ how are you?
      i've been out of gaia for many days or weeks. thanks to Mystic Messenger - a mobile game app.

      how you been? it's almost half-way there to Halloween~
      do you celebrate it in your country too? emotion_kirakira

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 09/03/2016 2:37 am
Dark Chansey
      Ahoiii Misu~ staph being FAB! xDDD jk!
      how are you lately?

      i have headache today, not sure if it's oversleeping or lack of sleep x_x;;
      also been busy at the same time not. lol @ v @;;

      hope you're doing well~ heart
Dark Chansey Report | 08/10/2016 7:46 am
Dark Chansey
      omg you're cyber cutie!! > w < hope you're doing well.
      i've just celebrated my birthday. but since it's been stormy recently.. can't go out.
      also i have to take care of my lil sis who is sick recently.

      how are you? >:3
Dark Chansey Report | 06/10/2016 1:16 am
Dark Chansey
      sorry it took me too long to come back,
      I had to buy noodles outside then cook it, take a bath, and bring all my stuff/laptop downstairs. sweatdrop

      I received your lovely gift... I pm'd you about it and another personal thing about me recently > A <

      Thank you Misu~
      btw, I might try art again... like drawing stuff
      but I have to finish my prior to commitment to one of my friend here in gaia too Q A Q

      ...signed Dark Chansey

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