Hello everyone~! Welcome to my profile, as you can see, it is quite boring.
So, what is there to know about me? Impossible to fully answer in this section. I've got a lot to say about a lot of things nobody cares about.
I'm an adult, but just barely, and I certainly do not act like one.
I'm a writer and role player, a photographer and an artist.
I play guitar, and am trained in opera singing.
Give me classic rock over anything else though!
I have an affinity for magical/mythical subjects, as well as quantum physics and cats. Completely similar, I know.
In my life I hoped to be a professional studio photographer, but that's just a dream that will never be realized.

I met the love of my life, my soulmate, on Gaia. We're happily engaged now <33

My DeviantArt

"The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it
But the way those atoms are put together
The cosmos is also within us
We're made of star stuff
We are a way for the cosmos to know itself

Across the sea of space
The stars are other suns
We have traveled this way before
And there is much to be learned

I find it elevating and exhilarating
To discover that we live in a universe
Which permits the evolution of molecular machines
As intricate and subtle as we"
-Carl Sagan, We Are All Connected, Symphony of Science

Happily taken by my sweet Georgia peach <33


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Report | 08/22/2014 9:46 pm


yes, it's kind of funny XDDD

restwell Misu~ heart heart heart

Report | 08/22/2014 9:39 pm


le envy, at least you can sit with your cat Ringo...
me and my sisters can't do that even if they're still alive, because our mom has asthma... redface

i just ate lunch, and watching Its Showtime a noontime variety show in Philippines with my sisters :3

Report | 08/22/2014 9:16 pm


yes, and i'm very thankful that they did not have to go through other pets or animal's fate when it comes to "going" crying emotion_hug

what are you doing beside gaia/chatting with me? :3

i'm on a forum/s, lurking and lying in a sofa~ XD but i'm about to eat~

Report | 08/22/2014 8:48 pm


3nodding an offering? heheheheheee xd
suddenly i remembered our former cat/s poknat and peelingero
they also used to bring small or mid-size "mouse" rat very lovely heart
most of the times they bring feathers from little birds, because you know... they already went to heaven, the birds i mean. xp

soon later, poknat passed away from illness and age...
few months after poknat passed away...peelingero also went away from this Earth. crying

but, hey, at least they're together with their mice and birds.~ heart

Report | 08/22/2014 5:59 pm


xp i'll be back... redface just got home from work~ i'm hungrehhh how are you? :3

Report | 08/21/2014 4:32 pm


hiya misu, i read your mail while i was on bus yesterday i'm just not sure if i've sent a reply regarding it. ; A ;
because from what i can remember... as i was about to click the submit button
i was already at my destination //a.k.a. home. so i have to get off quickly from the bus. T A T
i'll try to look at the mail again and reply asap.
i'll sleep for now and leave this online~ heart

Report | 08/19/2014 9:12 pm


i'm sure he will be back soon asap~

i just like nice items from event ^ o ^ tho it's really my problem that i get lazy either from beginning or middle. LOL

Report | 08/19/2014 8:36 pm


i participate a bit... then i go lazy. X''D

what do you mean downer?

also, are you still sad? why? eek

Report | 08/19/2014 8:30 pm


which interests you the most? they're many from garage, castle, melody, spirited lock, kitsune/tanuki box item (i forgot the name of the item but it's in the cash shop),
the expensive 999 kitsune/tanuki-related item (which makes me scream on Gaia), purse coin (which looks like a scam again by gaia),
and other stuffs in cash shop?

also what team are you in spring event? tanuki or kitsune? i'm kitsune, although i want to be tanuki too. OTL

Report | 08/19/2014 8:23 pm


redface i did not have work but i just woke up hours ago~ how are you? :3

what do you think about the latest release by gaia? :3