Hey I'm as you know MisunderstoodFurry. Why am I MisunderstoodFurry?

Because I'm a furry in real life and am misunderstood by everyone who doesn't know me. Now some how ever may know me as Sly_The_Wolf back in the day or by my real name Kaitlyn D Alberts.

I will say sorry right now for my short term memory loss is a problem for me so sometimes I may not remember your names right off the bat he he he.....
I have ADHD so if I go out of wack from time to time I'm going to say sorry once again is not my fault honestly!

I am a bisexual furry and I read from time to time Yaoi and Yuri not as much as I use to but if asked for a site I will go looking for some that might work to your needs.

Pm me with any questions I don't bite..... hard..


Broken Hearts and Butterfly wings.
Are hard to repair but with a little help.
They can be fixed.
With friends nothing can bring you down.
With everything can fix a broken life.
For a broken life is just a broken wing.
That with a little help and a little care can be fixed.



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xtars Report | 03/29/2015 10:17 pm
That sounds somewhat normal compared to where I am -.- I remember just last winter, the weather was HOT one day, and then COLD the next. I'm not even kidding. Sometimes it even goes as far as being hot in the morning to being cold in the evening or vice versa.. like just make up your mind weather gonk gonk
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 10:08 pm
Ohh okay makes sense, I heard it's cold there. Ive always wanted to go vacation there too gonk I'm from California.. where the weather is bipolar neutral
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 10:04 pm
Wow you must live very very far away from me lol. If I traveled north there would be no ice and hell no to polar bears, just plain trees and dirt. All my friends own dogs or cats . sweatdrop
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 9:46 pm
Ok so a cat, a bearded dragon, and a leopard gecko, right. Lemme guess you also own a POLAR BEAR?!? O-o Sorry lol, it's just I've never heard of those last two animals as pets before. I mean I've only got a dog. ._.
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 9:36 pm
Whoaa you have such awesome pets.. a Bearded Dragon?! emotion_jawdrop
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 9:20 pm
You lost me after "Pokemon Games." ._.
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 9:14 pm
Lol well she has every reason to be scared! I can't stand the dramatic music and all those sudden pop-ups and whatnot. It's too much for me lol. emotion_facepalm Although I have watched Zombieland which i thought was funny.. mainly because it was SUPPOSED to be funny LOL. I think the scariest movie I've watched, no actually been FORCED to watch, was The Ring. e_e Gahh I've been scarred for life because of that. Oh I just remembered that I have actually played another version of pokemon.. pokemon Silver I believe. Wasn't that the oldest pokemon game?
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 9:00 pm
OHMYGOD that's awesome! emotion_jawdrop You're like a living pokedex er however u spell it XD Don't worry I was offline for a while too, recently watching/getting into One Piece. Oh I've heard Walking Dead was good, but I've never actually watched it.. maybe it's cuz I'm scared of horror shows/movies.
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 8:53 pm
Damn! well it's no wonder you know the names so well. Wish I had that many. the only rare pokemon i've collected and still remember is Dialga haha. I remember I used a masterball too. I've actually found my ds after all those years recently, but it's too bad I can't find the charger now. I had the game Animal Crossing in the device, but pokemon diamond was nowhere to be found ;-;
xtars Report | 03/29/2015 6:24 pm
Ohh so they're from a random item generator (RIG)? didn't know that either neutral Let me guess, you've mastered all 15 games? y'know gotten all the super rare pokemon and all