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King Puffs Report | 11/17/2016 5:13 pm
Ye, he's a cutie. whee
Wish there was a way I could let you play with him/see him, haha.
King Puffs Report | 11/17/2016 4:50 pm
Good, good. emotion_dowant

I should show you a pic of him:


Sorry it's a bit blurry, it's hard to hold him still.
King Puffs Report | 11/17/2016 4:38 pm
We named him Fawkes. We even found on November 5th. /Totally not nerds lol
King Puffs Report | 11/17/2016 4:13 pm
Good luck and hang in there. :c

Ye, he's a cute lil' baby~
King Puffs Report | 11/17/2016 2:48 pm
Sorry to see, hope things calm down and you can relax for a bit. Not too bad I suppose. Nothing majorly exciting, though I did get a new kitten recently.
King Puffs Report | 11/17/2016 2:45 pm

How have you been?
CrackedJewel Report | 09/30/2016 10:13 pm
u look so pretty perf
King Puffs Report | 08/21/2016 4:16 am
Yeah 4laugh And nah, don't change it. I like your username.

Thank you. Unfortunately they're always a pain in the a** but hopefully I can find something soon.
King Puffs Report | 08/20/2016 5:00 pm
It's okay, it was my fault for changing it again.

Ohh, yay! Glad to see. Hope things continue to pick up a bit for you. And I've been alright, still on the hunt for a job, sadly. Need to renew my ID, too.
King Puffs Report | 08/20/2016 4:35 pm
Ha, it was okay. No matter the reason it was fine, was just curious. Though I got a little sad when I noticed you were off because I still enjoy talking to you.

How have you been, by the way?