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Registered: 10/17/2004

Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/23

Occupation: Pharmacy tech


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Well Hello,
My name is Kationie, But you can call me Kat if you wish.
Lets see about me.... I was born March 23rd 1987 in Grand Rapids MN. I Live in Washington with my lovely husband, his daughter my handsome little man, Creamer ((hes a cat)) and my lil princess Coffee ((shes a dog)). I have been on gaia since 9/03, well 10/04 with this account. My first account was under Ladycat.
Lets see... Things I like... Well for music, I like Slipknot, A7X, MCR, Fall out boy, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Powerman 5000ect ect. I love anime, which include, queens blade, elfen lied, Sailor moon, Soul eater and countless others. I also LOVE video games!! Elder scrolls consumes a lot of my time, especially once the Online comes out. soo excited for that one!! I also play RoB on my phone.

♥.... Wanna know more?? Just leave me a comment or a PM.

I love random comments so im hoping to hear from you soon

Thanx for stopping by.

Take Care

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Jong Kook Report | 01/08/2015 2:11 pm
Ye, but some people are just rude like that. They beg for an item, but then sell it back once they get it.
The only time I ever sell items is if I haven't used in like... a year or it was just something random that someone gave me not on wishlist.
Jong Kook Report | 01/08/2015 1:18 pm
Exactly, 'cause I know a friend will actually appreciate it. I've become wary of strangers, since I know some claim to quest the item, but then a few minutes/hours later, you see the listing on the MP.
Jong Kook Report | 01/08/2015 9:37 am
If it's something small that a friend wants, I don't mind. Strangers, on the other hand, I'd be a bit more picky with.
Jong Kook Report | 01/08/2015 8:21 am
Thanks for the flattery. xD
Jong Kook Report | 01/08/2015 7:14 am
You're welcome. I noticed it was fairly priced, so decided to snag one up since I saw your status. emotion_hug
Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 12/30/2014 3:36 pm
(random person comment)
congrats on your baby almost being here!!!!!!
I'm so happy for you!!!
Jong Kook Report | 12/29/2014 12:44 pm
I noticed it when I was poking around my own wishlist to check prices and saw a lot of them being completely unlisted or double/triple the original price.
Jong Kook Report | 12/29/2014 10:09 am
I agree, but the horror story after Christmas is even worse... Because of those holiday RIGs and the amount of gold they dumped out... items are doubling, tripling, or even completely vanishing off the MP.
Jong Kook Report | 12/29/2014 8:15 am
You're welcome, I wasn't sure what to get you... and that was really the only thing I could think of that wouldn't be an arm and leg. xD;;
Jong Kook Report | 12/24/2014 2:03 pm
True enough~ I missed it by a few hours, but in another part of the world... I would be on time!

Hahaha~ I don't do it anymore, but I'll sometimes squish at the wrapping a bit, if it's obviously not in a box.


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