As the sun dimmed to an ember-like glow, Bodil looked out over her forest. She watched as all her animals settled into their dens and nests for the night. She watched as the nocturnal children began to stir, eyes shining like fires in the dark. The lower assortment of Fae stood by her feet, peering out of the forests edge to look out onto the valley. The winds had been shaking with a nervous twitch all day. Bodil didn’t know what was coming, but it was something big. Even the smaller Fae were acting more skittish than usual.
A young fox brushed softly past her leg, looking out onto the opening as well. She lifted a brow at this young kit’s courage. “Where is your mother, little one?” she knelt down to it and picked it up. The fox only blinked; obviously not in a talking mood. “I see, humans then?” she questioned. Again, the fox simply stared. “Ah, yes…they do seem to be causing more trouble than usual. I’m sorry for your lose, but you seem to be doing rather well.” She told it, giving it a careful scratch behind the ear before setting it back down. It stood there for a moment, and then made its way into the valley below.
Bodil took in a breathe, letting it out as the wind picked back up, blowing her fibrous hair around her face. Something was indeed coming, and it would be tonight. What she wasn’t sure of was what it was, and if it was good or bad. She stroked the bark of her willow tree, sighing.
Its roots spread deep down into the ground, cradling each living plant in the forest. Its branches curved up and over, its trunk turning in ways normal trees could never muster. It was this places’ life, its protector. Without it, this forest would lose all its majesty and die. It stood at the edge, as if standing ahead of the pack as the first line of defense. Which, it was, in a way. It did not act like any normal place on this earth, and the humans tended to steer clear of it for that reason.
The sun slipped into a sliver, before disappearing completely over the hills. The sky was dark, except for the last traces of orange and pinks from the sleeping sun. This was Bodil’s favorite part of the day. She stared off, letting the wind touch her exposed skin like cold water lilies. Her eyes glazed over, relaxing into the dark. Her attention was caught, however, by some fireflies. She snapped back to normal and looked their way. They drifted in the sky like dust, spinning and dropping like the wind carried them along. To her surprise, Bodil could see they were not flying of their own accord. She took a step out of the forest to get a better look, eyes catching details no mortal could even wish to understand.
To her surprise, they were much larger then fireflies, or any bug found in this realm. No…these….these were…
Her heart leapt from her chest in excitement, oh, she knew what these were. Her face curled into a smile and she took another step out, following the steps of the young fox before her. As they drifted closer, the Fae in the forest reacted with either cheers or shrieks of fear. This was indeed, a mixing emotion for all of them. It wasn’t every day Gaia gave this world a new breed of Fae! Bodil ran into the field, hand outstretched in a strange attempt at touching them. This meant the world was about to change again.
In her wave of ecstatic glee, Bodil didn’t notice as one of the eggs began to dip lower than the rest. However the kit noticed and began to bark and yip for her attention. When she finally noticed the fuss, it was to late, the egg crashed to the ground not yards away from her. Bodil let out a silent scream as she took a step forward, but froze. She listened, ears pushed to the limits for any hint of sound.
To her relief, the sounds of a waking baby began to ring. They grew louder and louder as the young Fae became more and more upset with its sudden fall from heaven. Bodil flew over to its landing place, peeking through the grass. Her breathe caught.
There, in the grass, lay a young Fae, it’s egg shattered and quickly being returned to the earth. She sported a mess of florescent hair atop her head, which faded in and out with the colors around her, as if testing them for a moment. Her skin was a pale green and blue, almost like the meeting of sea and grass. When she opened her eyes, Bodil knew this was to be her child. Her blue eyes, almost without pupils, stared right at her, right into her. They were so big, and so full of wonder. The young fox took steps forward, sniffing curiously. The young Fae peered over at him, taking a hand and grabbing his nose, to his surprise. He stepped back and backed away, sneezing. The little Fae huffed, becoming upset, and began to cry, reaching for the Kit.
Bodil carefully picked up the young one, and the fox child, cradling them both in her arms. This seemed to settle the young Fae, turning to her and taking a few strains of her hair in her little fist, looking at it with such a quizzical look, Bodil had to laugh. She kissed the little ones forehead, turned, and walked back to her forest.


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