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Worthless writing

Just things to be writing on what be happening I guess. Not really much.



(( Current Character: OUT OF CHARACTER/Also randomly being N.Italy from time to time. Matt will come back soon...I guess. =u=; ))

Name: Nathan Williams or you could call him Nook or Matt)
Age: ....erm He's Pretty old
Gender: male
Sin: Sloth.
Birthday: July 1st
Personalty/character traits: Lazy, however is loyal. (not much had change from him when he was not a demon. Yet he still wishes not to kill unless necessary.However he do kill for fun sometimes. But that is not often. Yet he can snap from time to time. But like again, rarely. )
About him:
Oh, well Bonsoir there person~ smilies/icon_heart.gif It is nice seeing you here, I due so believe. So you wanted to know about me? Weeelll.... one, why should I tell you about my self? I don't really see the point, because haven't you heard about Curiosity kills the Cat? I am just telling you. You don't really want to know me.....but because you are still here, I might as well. As you can see my name is Nathan Williams. Why did I change my name to Nathan? Eh, I just found it to be a nice name, but I can still take the name Matthew.
To say why am I a demon...well that's a long story to tell, but let us say it have to do with me....well, having to snap. Of course not the noise when you have your two fingers, silly but when you say, go Insane. *chuckles a bit* The only reason why I went insane is....well actually *scraches head* I can't really recall because of this happening a long time ago, but I do know one of the reasons which is....people not remembering exactly who I am. I can take a joke here and there, possibly if you don't know me; But...if you knew me for a loooong time, then there is no Excuse for you not to know me. It was up to a turning point when I did had this, wrath inside of me, and causes me to go berserk on almost everyone. Something must had came over me in order for me to kill my friends, and others To say at that time I did had fun with attacking others. I was such a sweet, little one that would never attack anyone, due to me keeping my peaceful ways. Now why you maybe asking, why am I like this, enjoying to see others in pain? Well, what do you expect when someone is being Insane?
To see the crimson blood splattering out from the body in all different direction, have a bit...a lot on you feeling it warmth and even have some in your mouth~ I guess you can say I started to like this feeling just like how mon pere enjoys to take others heart by cutting them open, moving the parts out the way and the hold the heart in his hand. Then soon cut the heart strings one by one.
Oh what fun it twas, however even with that fun. For a while it would of course stop. As in, all the people I killed, they were my friends, and my relatives. I didn't really wanted to kill them. I suppose. ....Oh! Now I remember why I went on a rampage. Well, of course not be recognized, however being someone's 'maid'/ taking advantage of me, is what pushed me even more. It is bad enough to not be notice but if so, they know that I was not the one who can simply say "no" to them with out them simply bring up something, that I just can't say no. Always took advantage of me....just couldn't let me be. If you wondering who is "they" was mostly anyone who I met; Especially Alfred. *sighs* He never took the message, it was like a foreign language to him.
|coming laaaater due to me being laaaazy =u=;|

Eh? Oh it is winter.. Yay. But now that it is winter now I lost my horns and grew fur and white hair. Apparently due to me being different and being more animal than the...others? For some reason it looks like I am trying to camouflage in the snow. even though Hell never be cold. Better stay up here or I'll be burning down there. *sigh* So if you was wondering why I am white all over, well now you know. *ear twitch* I never understood why. Oh and Komalanerko is pretty much the same. Looks like a normal polar bear, but is not. However he is more larger in the winter...for some odd reason. ... J-just don't mess with Komalnoka. Unless you want to feed him. How nice of you.
To also say, vous présente mon amie, Maddie Williams~, smilies/icon_heart.gif She is such a sweetheart, no? Maddie say she don't truly like being with me, however she do. She even say in a way that I am special~ How nice of her. How did we met? Well actually I just decided to walk up to her and talk. It was myself in away so, I didn't think anything bad could had happen.
C'est mon ami, Arthur Kirkland. About him? Erk. He is pretty weird. Actually he is similar like me when it comes to weird things. We don't really talk to each other much but he a good friend, I guess.




Last Login: 04/16/2014 1:12 pm

Birthday: 07/01


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APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 04/04/2014 8:14 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
> u <
Don't worry, Kuma is very tame.
She does love maple syrup, but she won't eat up the new batch.
*Keeps a larder full of maple syrup in case of emergency*
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 04/04/2014 8:04 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
*Is glomped*
> u <
Hooray for spring and the new batch of maple syrup for the year~<3
o u o?
*Curiously feels the places where your antlers grow out of*
I don't feel any bumps yet . . .
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 04/04/2014 7:58 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
I wish I can give you something in return for your generosity.
*Kepler sits happily on my head*
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 04/04/2014 7:14 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
Thank you very much for the Kepler Kitty~<3
My Wishlist has a habit of deleting on me whenever I edit it.
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 03/13/2014 3:17 am
APH-Fem Canada-APH
*Nose gets booped*
I am good, but I got a big snowstorm the other day.
So I'm hiding under here for warmth.
It was starting to look like spring until Gen. Winter came in.
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 03/12/2014 2:14 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
*Curls up under the blankets*
Nice and warm . . . trying to forget there's a blizzard outside.
II Sly Senpai II Report | 03/09/2014 8:19 pm
II Sly Senpai II
*pokes* Veh~
Who-a are you? o v o
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 01/30/2014 4:25 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
((Okay, just wondering))
(( =///^///= *tries to take the hashtag hanky* @_______@ *passes out*))
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 01/30/2014 4:08 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
((Then why didn't you write something about me?))
((*Sneezes on you*))
APH-Fem Canada-APH Report | 01/30/2014 3:36 pm
APH-Fem Canada-APH
((*Reads your profile*))
((You know, I never said that I hated you or found you annoying))
((Or did I?))
((Idek I'm too sick to concentrate))


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Q a l i i on 04/15/2014
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