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Who is this lovable scamp?

Hey there! I'm Mr. Monster Guy!

I'm an anon, or anonymous gift giver, that uses the character Sonic the Werehog to do his bidding anon with. If you want to know more about this character and anon, mosey on over to my journal entry!
I'm also a cosplayer, so feel free to constructively critique my avatar.

Thanks for stopping by, it really means a lot to this monster. :3

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MageQueenHoshi Report | 06/06/2014 12:07 pm
rofl "Educational slammer"
Yes. Yes I do stalk profile comments. So what? stare
Minty Andee Report | 06/05/2014 10:12 pm
Minty Andee
I can't go any further until my prof emails me back about a clarification. Which he probably won't do until tomorrow since it's 1 am here.
Minty Andee Report | 06/05/2014 10:05 pm
Minty Andee
Ha ha, says Mister Graduate Guy. Na, I'm good now. I've where I wanted to be tonight on it anyways.
Minty Andee Report | 06/05/2014 9:26 pm
Minty Andee
It is still impressive. I think I ended up using a mask and that tie that goes around your head for The Flash. Not that I totally shouldn't be doing homework or anything.
Minty Andee Report | 06/05/2014 8:18 pm
Minty Andee
I just wanted you to know that I have extra new respect for your Monster avi. I just tried to make a Flash avi in Tektek and there aren't any hoods in read so I ended up coloring his skin red...OH MY GOSH THE EARS. WHY. WHY CAN'T I HIDE THE EARS.
suishohatake Report | 05/31/2014 8:45 pm
Oh that sounds really cool! =D
I hope you're having fun! ^_^
suishohatake Report | 05/31/2014 8:37 pm
Monster! You're human right now! =O
MageQueenHoshi Report | 05/14/2014 12:39 pm
Oh nice.
Well do send me a link/name of thread/etc when you set up, yes?
I get off work at 4 Eastern, but not sure when I'll be home, depends on if I'm taking the bus home or what..
MageQueenHoshi Report | 05/14/2014 12:22 pm
Yessir, pretty much since the beginning, but haven't been active cuz of school.
Just had my last final on Monday though, but now been working every day almost all day. Starting next week I'll only be working Mondays and Fridays though and zero school all summer, phew.

Having pre-wedding fun in there? emotion_dowant
MageQueenHoshi Report | 05/14/2014 12:06 pm
Thing in guild? emotion_dowant

You see this under my forum posts

Never give into the night, or the darkness inside your heart...

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