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Mister Mischievous


Registered: 12/12/2009

Gender: Male

Birthday: 05/30


Yo! So, this makes my.. fourth, fifth time changing my profile? Eh, oh well, probably not all my friends now remember or knew me until now ' w '. My name is Nick(olas) or Tyrone, Ty for short. Or, as you see my name right now, Mister Mischievous, call me Mischi! Anyways, whether or not you've known me I'm very.. interactive with people.. in a overly-friendly kind of way(to women really and that might get me killed by many..). Anyways, oh wait, I said that already. DAMN! I suck at making biographies. I like, well video games, anime, and "reading" books(though I have no particular interests in most). I love to listen to music, it helps me calm my nerves in most situations and when studying(I have no interest in that either but eh). The types of music I listen to are trap, classical(orchestral), hip-hop/rap, anime, comedy, electronic, and rock.

I can, or well used to sing when I was younger, back in middle school I believe. As of right now, I'm just an above average high-school student with one more year till graduation! My age is, well, 17, currently a Junior. ...Average grades, in school and is trying to go for a few things to major in, cooking, computer/games, and well, being a professional soccer player. AND yes, you probably already guessed it, I'm African American o:, oh, you don't care? F*ck you too `w`. Meh, let's talk about video games! I am mostly into, fighting, adventure, RPGs, and yes.. dating sims `w`.

Though, just the online, inside me. On the outside, I'm anti-social, have average looks and can be awkward at times. I take some things too far and choke under the pressure, but I'm glad to have friends by my side not matter what!(F*cking cheesy huh)? By the by, most of this stuff was made up on the fly, and I just cheesed it `w`. Good luck figuring which is true or not. So.. yeah, HAVE FUN! Also, Five Night's At Freddy's is boss as f*ck.

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-Aries Usagi-

They call me, Misteh. Sup o: