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Feel free to look around.
Disclaimer: Please do not message me asking to cancel any auctions to sell to you directly. I can not cancel bids once they have been on the marketplace for 5 minutes or longer. Also, do not message me to ask me to accept bids early. If I choose to accept a bid early, that is by my choice alone.

Working to remodel the old World of Fluffs guild to something else. Want to check it out?

Thanks to everyone who helped me with the Overstocked Achievement!


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Questing and searching for these...

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I'm mist777, but you can me mist. I guess I'm just one who tries to help my friends and live through life as best I can. There's really not much I can say about myself, well, except that on Gaia I can at times seem rather fickle when it comes to picking out items for my avi that is. xd


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Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 05/24/2017 9:57 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
you as well!! longo vivas tempore et bene sit. (live long and prosper)
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 05/24/2017 9:51 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
bleh.....better get on that then lol whee
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 05/24/2017 9:44 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
same, trying to translate latin........my brain hurts.
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 05/24/2017 9:40 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
hello mist, how are you?
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 05/13/2017 9:28 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
happy, and bored.
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 05/12/2017 4:56 pm
Xx Satanically YoursXx
hey mist!! wuzzup?
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 04/11/2017 7:04 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 04/10/2017 11:47 am
Xx Satanically YoursXx
fluffs are cute, I try not to kill them lol
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 04/09/2017 7:12 pm
Xx Satanically YoursXx
lol why fluffs? I helped some people beat a super tough quest twice!!
I hate the Kokeshi dolls!! scream HATE!!! stressed **demonic rage intensifies** scream
Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 04/09/2017 6:07 pm
Xx Satanically YoursXx
not too shabby how about you?



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Louie, Ian, and Rufus alliance guild
The guild formed after the Pie Hard event for the Ian/Louie alliance
fire weso

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Pictures of avi art I've gotten or purchased during my experience.

Hinli Mist. I know in the roleplay she was in, she didn't have the book she's holding in the pic. The guild where her story lies is sadly closed, but that guild helped teach me how truly to roleplay better.

Hinika la Aquina. My very first gaia roleplay character. I never really managed to get a pic of her dark "double" Hinsuka. (Warning: I've been known to make character ideas even though I don't use them at all!)

Sinkika. My roleplay character for the World of Fluffs guild. I don't think the roleplay really got far enough for me to get Sinkika's basic story through.

Ah yes, two of the pics shown here (the ones that have the sword) were (I think)during my time of wanting to learn more about the Fire Emblem series, which influenced Sinkika by her wielding a sword, then staff, but sadly, the roleplay didn't really get far enough to switch Sinkika back to sword again as far as I know of.

The three pictures that look alike (the ones with the wings and elven ears, not counting Hinli Mist) I aquirred(might need to check spelling) during the time of the Prommageddon(again, need to check spelling) The other pictures I purchased, but as far as I know, that shop closed.

note: no matter what generation the wishlist states for evolving items on the wishlist, I don't really care on which generation it is.