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Hello! My name is Bri, though I go by many different variants of nickname from those who call me their friends. I am not one to randomly accept friend requests, but to those who I have befriended, I can be one of the most talkative and friendly people. I enjoy all sorts of things and try to find time for myself and my escapes (roleplaying) in the midst of all my duties in Gotei Elite. I enjoy all sorts of things, and love art, though, most of my art pieces are from a long time ago. Feel free to pm me if you would like, otherwise, ciao for now. ^^

New Edit: Now that gaia marriage is out: I am currently married to the beautiful and wonderful Malzysaur. And I have no intention of giving her to anyone else. SHe mine and I love her <3

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Mission Failure Report | 11/05/2015 10:08 pm
Mission Failure
No, I went to the family cemetery and dug the grave to bury her yesterday since my folks were to cheap to higher a digging service and I'm already stretched thin from helping with other monetary issues around everything. I've been working on sketches and playing with color on the snow leopards. I'm still thinking of the right way to do the pokemon mash up. I'll updoot my profile and send you a PM today.
Mission Failure Report | 11/01/2015 9:56 pm
Mission Failure
Yep! One of my local friends was super nice and even bought me a new tablet! I'm so ready to get back to art!!! heart heart heart
Mission Failure Report | 10/31/2015 7:13 am
Mission Failure
Ah, you're fine! I hope that you have an easy work day! May the pumpkin spice goddess shine upon you and shower your day with candy!
Mission Failure Report | 10/30/2015 1:58 am
Mission Failure
*hugs so much* I'm really sorry... I hate doing that to online friends because I care about you too! My poor hubby and pets pretty bad also, they've been practically glued to me and wouldn't let me leave home yesterday or today. Husband took my phone and started telling my local friends to leave me be for a week. Can't say I'm upset, I slept yesterday and half today which is a damn miracle.

How are you doing? I hope things are still going well between you and your beau. Also really hopping things IRL have been nice and calm. Are you doing anything for Halloween?
Mission Failure Report | 10/29/2015 10:21 pm
Mission Failure
I'm not dead, I'm in a bit of a weird spot right now with emotions, just didn't have the emotional stability or time to be on Gaia during several events that smashed together these last few months. Death in the family, one last week, my sister in-law's wedding the second weekend of the month, friends moved from Hawaii with bad financial planning i was helping. That along with traveling out of state for several events put me in stress. Good news is my mom finally had her surgery, so that's one less thing. There's still some small planning and stuff to sort out but I've already warned family/friends to not be surprised if I tell em to ******** off unless it's another emergency. I hate being ready to do things and then being blindsided by everything. I really was only expecting the wedding and then 2015 decided to dumb ever family event possible on me. Aside from a pregnancy, good god i hope that doesn't happen this year, it'll be ******** bingo card galore.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/13/2015 4:17 am
Shadow Belmonte

I was looking around in the shelter yesterday for some, but couldn't find any.
But sure, I'll accept them for you.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/12/2015 5:25 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I think most of the Pokemon I like are from just season 1, then 2 is next, third next.
Some are cool, but as each season's Pokemon were created, I just discovered I liked them less and less.
Like, Shedinja - looking into its shell can steal a person's soul.
And the Banette - a doll which came back to life to hunt down the owner that tossed it in the trash, pretty much.
Spoink - a Pokemon that has to keep bouncing to stay alive, because if it stops bouncing, it dies.
I mean, I'm an adult and I can handle the content, but it's just so drastic and dark compared to the first season.
(Such as, Gyarados's rampage, able to demolish a whole town just because, but it didn't steal souls or hunt people down.) sweatdrop
Also I'm not big on ninja-based stuff, so I'm not a huge fan of ninja-based Pokemon - sure, it came from Japan, but that doesn't mean anything to me; I'd prefer a Machamp over a Samurott any second.

I don't remember if I did find any legends in the shelters, but if I did, it'd be in the descriptions, but I'm too busy with PF1 to go snooping for all that information now.
But how awesome, to find that many legends in the shelter. emotion_kirakira
I don't know much about Keldeo since I haven't seen the last few seasons' worth of Pokemon (I quit watching them probably after season 3, or during season 3 - had to go without television a few times, and then lost track of everything and never got around to it.)

My favorite Eeveelution: Jolteon.
Second: Vaporeon
Third: Umbreon
Fourth: Flareon
Fifth: Espeon
All the rest (excluding basic Eevee,) I don't really care for, and I dislike the fairy-based one, it looks too creepy, and I'm not a fan of pink and frillies.

But no, it's perfectly fine~
If you want to type out an entire list of likes and dislikes, I don't mind at all. XD
You think your likes list is long, I just love different Pokemon based on different things (information, type, body style) so it'd probably be super-long for me.
...I even think Dodrio is cute. lol
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/11/2015 2:09 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Gosh, too many favorites to choose from~
But off the top of my head, Aerodactyl.
I don't care for its stats or abilities, I just like the design of it.
Though Kabutops and Charizard are also cool.
I don't even want to list all the other million.

How about you?
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/11/2015 1:25 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Third time pokerus, and only one person clicked so far - oh wait that was you.

That pretty much sums it up, people are hiding around in the forums trading for items and summons, or crying over the site's last days.
I clicked your new party again.
*tries to send Pokerus to you*
It won't do me any good, and I'm on the new PF site, arranging my fields all orderly from all that transferring.
It's like a twenty-odd blast zone, Pokemon everywhere, my gosh.
Sucks that these don't change my pokedex at all. gonk

But that's been my day, rarely any clicks on PF1, arranging Pokemon all over PF2.
Sundays are boring days.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/11/2015 12:41 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I know about it being slow, I've gotten pokerus two times today - first time, only ten people were online, and I had already clicked all of them.
Second time was not long ago, but my list of people needing to click back is probably three times longer than those who have actually clicked.


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