About me:
My name is Debbie and I'm from BC Canada, I'm currently a highschool student. n.n My likes are swimming, skiing, drawing, pixelling, reading, music, food, learning foreign languages, photography, animals and sleeping. Dislikes includes animal hunting, PETA, wasabi, art thefts, and many many more that I don't think about n.n
I am:
-slightly crazy at times
I am not:
-japanese, please don't pm me assuming I can teach you japanese just because of my picture.
-drunk, just because I act like it doesn't mean I am >.>;; <.<;;
<-- crappy webcam pic of me

      About Pookie:
    Pookie is the yellow budgie and my first budgie ever. He is ever so delightful and amuse me to no ends with his funny antics. When I first got him, we were off to a rough start as my dog attacked him one day while I was at school after he somehow got out of his cage. I came home to a frightened Pookie with a broken foot, hiding under a couch, but that was then, Pookie is now fully healed and finger trained and enjoys playing with his new buddy, Tinkerbell.
    His favorite past times include eating, foraging my carpet for food, banging his toys loudly against the cage bars very early in the morning and trying to get frisky with Tinkerbelle. xp

About Tinkerbelle:
[list]Tinkerbelle is my second budgie which I got for Pookie so he would have someone to chat with while I'm away, Tinkerbelle is a throughly a darling but very timid compared to Pookie. She enjoys nibbling at beads and foraging through my carpet for any dropped seeds. Tinkerbelle is finger tamed as well and would go on your finger or shoulder if you can get her out of the cage first xp Her favortie things to do includes chirping very loudy in the early mornings and eating.

    About Bailey:
    Bailey is my precious little yorkshire terrier n.n She is spoiled to no ends by me and my family but we like her spoiled. Her favorite past times includes trying to get to my birdies, eating, sleeping, eating some more and sleeping some more, she hates water, showers, baths, being alone, wind, strangers and fruits @3@


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Report | 09/13/2008 8:31 pm


hi you dont know me but thnaks for buying my hermes moon 2nd gen. it helped out alot so thx again hope you buy some more stuff because i have at least 1 huge store once a week comment ack for any questions
Mizz Faith

Report | 08/01/2008 7:42 pm

Mizz Faith

Wow, I haven't seen you around in forever. Hope all is well ^^

(A past customer)

Report | 03/01/2008 9:07 pm


~ ~

Hope you're doing well!
Ms Poppin Sweet

Report | 12/25/2007 6:26 pm

Ms Poppin Sweet

Merry Christmas! Oh, also, Endless also says: Merry Christmas!
Strawberry Slut Cake

Report | 11/30/2007 5:01 pm

Strawberry Slut Cake

-random comment-


Report | 08/27/2007 11:50 am


Get better!!
Peach Mochii

Report | 08/17/2007 11:24 am

Peach Mochii

Why must your amazing shop be closed?

I didnt even have time to order D:

Report | 07/23/2007 2:49 am


nice prof
Kibou No Sora

Report | 06/03/2007 5:00 pm

Kibou No Sora

your avi are is just phemominal!!! O.O


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