This is Miss Snuffles.

My name is Liz. I'm a twenty-two year old female, born March 9th. I am an atheist. I am pansexual. I love music of all kinds. I used to be an avid writer, but personal things have disrupted my creative flow. I enjoy reading, but find it difficult to focus, which leads me to spend more time reading manga than actual novels. I am a bit of a hardcore manga fan - open to most genres and obsessed with Yaoi. I work a full-time job and live with my parents again (yay being poor.) If I'm not online or at work, I'm very likely trying to sleep. I have horrid anxiety and find people online much easier to deal with, which is why I'm such a shut-in. I'm a fan of many things, but a hardcore fanatic over few things. Crime, supernatural, and talent are the types of television shows I generally watch and books I read. I am anti-religion, but not on an extreme level. I am pro-choice and pro-equality. I am independent and opinionated, however I try to be open-minded and accepting, even if it is hard sometimes. I try not to judge, because you never know what someone else has gone through or is going through.

Call me Snuffles or Liz. ❤
I've survived 10 years on Gaia.

I'm always interested in buying avi art.
PM or quote me in the forums if you're an artist. C:

"We're all stories, in the end." -The Doctor


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