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Name: Miss Molly O'Mally.
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Hope&Dream: Meet myself a Real McCoy and settle town in Durem.
Occupation: Singer in O'mally's Juice Joint .
Hometown: Barton
Story: Hey there, My name's Miss Molly O'Mally. You can call me either Moll, or Molly. I'm try'na make it big in this here Tin Pan Alley. Busi-niz is certainly far from being thrivin' but I'm makin' ends meat under my fire-exstinguishin' Uncle's Speakeasy roof. His Ol' Juice Joint tends to attract some hard boiled, flat tired, drug-store cowboys, some wooden nickles, and of course, the Sheiks who's arms are always carrying some top of the line Flappers. It's a hot scene and easy to hit the jack. But the real fun is every Friday night, when the Big Daddys roll in. All the big Cheese from town come with pockets full of clams and bullets. A bimbo's watchin' every window and doorframe. It's the beesknees, if you feel like you can keep up, knock three times and whistle once. We'll be waiting at the door.

Details: We're always looking for some new patrons, just message me. Dress code is essential. We're a joint, and we ain't acceptin' no wet blankets.
Favorite things: Pearls& A good Martini.