Name: Lisa Violet Parker

Nicknames: Vi, Lee, Lee-Lee

DoB: July 7, 1985

Place of birth: Austin, Texas

Current Residence: New York

Age: 28

Hair: blonde

Eyes: blue

Weight: 125lbs

Height: 5'5"

Glasses/Contacts: glasses, on occasion

Relationship status: single

Hobbies: on the rare occasion reading, drawing, cooking, singing

Occupation: club owner/bartender

Identifying Marks:
~cigarette burns up her arms
~Deep scars from broken glass on her upper arms
~she has a tattoo of a tiger lily and stargazer lily on each forearm.

Lisa Parker owns and works at her club as dancer and bartender. She is the only daughter of the oil tycoon and former mob boss Frank "Aces" Parker, and younger sister to Jonathon "Jon Jon" Parker. she grew up learning everything that she could from her father and brother about the family business. she never had to go without, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth as they say. Lisa enjoys life, and doesn't do drugs but rather throws herself into her hobbies, despite being a bit clumsy at times.

She was born in Austin Texas but she and her family moved to New York when she was just six years old. she grew up living a carefree life and was given an club of her own to run since she was seventeen. she worked very hard to get it up and running, but when it started going belly up she moved it to a new location in a new city, and it started thriving there.

Lisa was born a very sick baby and underweight, she had a lot of health issues and it put a strain on her mother. her mother would often leave, and let Frank take care of her. she claimed she couldnt handle being a mother to a sick baby, and would often drink. as lisa grew up she had a few health issues, which would eventually lead to her becoming a diabetic as an adult. but she doesnt let her health issues get to her as she tries to live a normal life.

She was never close to her mother. when she was about 5 her mother came home drunk, as usual, and started to scream and yell at lil Lisa before grabbing her wrist and burning her with her cigarette as well as beating her almost to death. if it wasnt for her father stopping her mother she would have killed Lisa. it wasnt long after that that frank divorced his wife and she went to jail, leaving him to raise their two kids. Jonathon looked after his younger sister making sure she was safe from that day on. the brother and sister have a close bond that cant be broken, the two look out for each other. the relationship with her father is the typical father/daughter one, her being very much a daddy's girl. Lisa owns her own dance club called Dragon's Lair, and it is a very popular dance club. she works there as a bartender.

Club: Dragon's Lair
The inside was done up in golds, silvers and cave like settings. there was a realistic looking dragon painted on each wall in a different pose and settings. There were chairs done up to look like piles of gold and silver near the stage while there small tables done up to look puddles of shimmering water, the bar stools where done to look like stalagmites while the backgrounds behind the bars where stalactites. there was even a metal dragon hanging from the ceiling that her brother made. the railing on the stairs leading up the office were made to look like it had jewels embedded in it. the office was done up like a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds and birds, and a sun


Name: Kyra Violet Isley

Age: 24

Orientation: straight

Status: single

Personality: very shy, quiet, strong willed when need be

Life Story: she was put up for adoption at the age of 3, and adopted at the age 7 to a wealthy family. she wants for nothing, but doesnt let her family's wealth go to her head. she plays the violin, she finds the sound of it relaxing and soothing. she always has her head in a book or her hands dirty from the garden she loves so much. she loves all kinds of music, and her ipod is filled with thousands of different songs. she enjoys watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as she can relate to Fluttershy, Octavia and Dj-Pon3, and loves animals

Likes: music, reading, cooking, her big brother, bad boys, kittens, playing her violin, working in her garden, my little pony friendship is magic {mainly dj-pon3, octavia and fluttershy}, animals

Dislikes: rude people, people who think they are better than others, bullies


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"no, maybe.. a little"nuzzled her resting chin on her shoulder

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she would smell the mead on his breath as eh lent into kiss her again holding her close lightly rocking like he couldn't keep upright

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