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Name: Rina Laufeyson

Species: Kitsune

Age: Unknown, but believed to be close to Loki's age.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 140lbs

Eye Color: Sapphire Blue

Hair Color: Honey brown

Spouse: Loki Laufeyson

Children: Angelica Laufeyson

Place of Birth: Unknown

Location: Migard and Asgard

Status: Married

Citizenship: Dual


Rina was born to a wealthy family as their only child and as she grew, she wanted for nothing. She never let her family's wealth go to her head like others sometimes do. While she grew, she was primped and preened to know how to be a proper lady and how to run a household. When she turned of age, she left home to find a husband, as her parents didnt believe in arranged marriages. She had found her way to Migard, where she first met Loki. The two became friends, and he took her back to Asgard with him. It was not long till the two became more than friends, falling hard for each other. They wed not long after admitting they loved each other. While it took them a few years, they had their first and only child {so far} named Angelica.


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Jareth lord of Goblins

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iThe Writer
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Well,.if you ever have the craving I could play a fox wink
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Lol. The facial expressions are amazing
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