Name: Fallon Sephira Abrams

DoB: April 7, 1986

Place of birth: unknown

Current Residence: Gotham City

Age: 28

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Weight: 125lbs

Height: 5'5"

Relationship status: single

Hobbies: working on cars, reading comic books, cooking

Occupation: Model

Identifying Marks:
Humming bird tattoo under her left breast
waterfall tattoo on her back

Likes: thunder storms, peach tea, music, tattoos, chinese food, action movies, manga, working on cars, comic books

Fallon grew up an only child and under the care of her single father. she was more into cars and comic books than dolls and girlie things. by the time she was ten she knew how to help work on cars, as her father would often take her to work, since they couldnt always afford a babysitter. when she was 16 her father had taught her all he knew about cars, and gave her a job working with him, as well as how to defend herself. she lived in a rather bad neighborhood, so the daily violence never bothered her too much, as she mainly kept her head down and stayed out of trouble for the most part.

Fallon moved to Gotham to get away from the bad neighbor she lived in and to get a fresh start. she works as a model now, but still finds time to work on cars when she has time off. she is one of the best models Gotham has ever seen.


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Hi how are you

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oh i see smile cool

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oh i see you should watch it biggrin its awesome :p
Nocturnal Vigilante

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Nocturnal Vigilante

Doing rather well for a nice and calm night, and yourself? Anything exciting?

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if you like i can tell you a little about my OC here :p

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thnx smile

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sry when you said that i kinda fell asleep on you ^^; my bad and my oc is a soul reaper he is based off of the anime Bleach this is his bankai form and yes i know he's wearing a dress >.< but i wanted to give him a robe like look and i liked the dress so i put it on
Nocturnal Vigilante

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Nocturnal Vigilante

Ace of Gotham

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Ace of Gotham


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