Name: Fallon Sephira Abrams

DoB: April 7, 1986

Place of birth: unknown

Current Residence: Gotham City

Age: 28

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Weight: 125lbs

Height: 5'5"

Relationship status: single

Hobbies: working on cars, reading comic books, cooking

Occupation: Model

Identifying Marks:
Humming bird tattoo under her left breast
waterfall tattoo on her back

Likes: thunder storms, peach tea, music, tattoos, chinese food, action movies, manga, working on cars, comic books

Fallon grew up an only child and under the care of her single father. she was more into cars and comic books than dolls and girlie things. by the time she was ten she knew how to help work on cars, as her father would often take her to work, since they couldnt always afford a babysitter. when she was 16 her father had taught her all he knew about cars, and gave her a job working with him, as well as how to defend herself. she lived in a rather bad neighborhood, so the daily violence never bothered her too much, as she mainly kept her head down and stayed out of trouble for the most part.

Fallon moved to Gotham to get away from the bad neighbor she lived in and to get a fresh start. she works as a model now, but still finds time to work on cars when she has time off. she is one of the best models Gotham has ever seen.


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Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 5:27 pm

Admiral triv

He nodded his head slowly. "This is what I truly am, yes." He stretched his wings out a little more for her to touch them more, a smile playing along his features. "I don't think anyone would. Think I could see your form to?" Draco asked with a very playful wink.
Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 5:17 pm

Admiral triv

Draco's cheeks turned a little red at her kiss, before he slowly got up and fixed the collar of his shirt. "You must promise to not freak out or anything." He said before closing his eyes and whispering a spell. In a flash of glorious golden light, his form had changed in nearly an instant as he was now a twelve foot tall humanoid dragon, much like a werewolf in a sense, but he was all natural, save for his size. His scales were completely gold in color, mixed in with a sun like orange for his wingspan's skin.
Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 4:57 pm

Admiral triv

Draco laughed a little at that, mostly due to the fact that it was true. "Well, I don't think that's a big secret.But no that's not it, I'm actually more than meets the eye, would you like to see?"
Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 8:20 am

Admiral triv

"I am." Draco confirmed with a grin, quite happy that she had already accepted the offer. "It's been just as long for me, but perhaps I should reveal my secret to you now rather than tomorrow." He moved his free hand over to rest over hers in thought
Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 12:56 am

Admiral triv

"Well one must always be careful who they choose to be their friends. Especially in your line of business." He turned his gaze away from the fire and to her. Draco taking another drink as he smiled a little in thought. "Well, you may not have to look to far."
(GOing to call it a night.@.@ Getting tired
Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 12:42 am

Admiral triv

"Well sounds like you were pretty fortunate to get it right away." He spoke softly as he took a small drink from his glass. "But I'm guessing its not living up to what you were hoping it would?"
Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 12:28 am

Admiral triv

He nodded and moved to get a nice bottle of wine he had stored for quite a long time; and was quite happy to finally have a reason to open it. "There's really not a whole lot to tell. I'm a being that made his home on a mountain, and mostly reads books and gives a place to rest to the rare traveler." He said with a small chuckle as he walked over and handed her a glass of the fine aged wine. "What about you? How did you become a model?
Admiral triv

Report | 08/29/2014 12:07 am

Admiral triv

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, we can talk in front of the fire in my living room." He smiled at the idea and motioned for her to follow him back downstairs. "Thank you again. Would be nice if there was another though." He hinted a little, sensing that her demeanor had changed a little since the revelation of him not being married. Walking into the living room, there was a nice stone fire place against the wall, the fire big enough to warm up the room. "Do you drink at all?" He asked curiously, wondering if he could break into one of his wines, or the heavier drinks if she didn't like win
Admiral triv

Report | 08/28/2014 11:53 pm

Admiral triv

"I suppose that would be the downside to being such a public figure." He mused as he moved his hand away. At her last comment, he let out a small laugh while shaking his head at her assumption. "You tell me Fallon, if you see a woman's touch inside of this house." Draco smiled a little as he moved back in front of her. "You're welcome to stay as long as you please."
Admiral triv

Report | 08/28/2014 11:33 pm

Admiral triv

His eyes scanned over the tattoo; she certainly did get a good professional to do it. It was nice to see that such arts were still in good taste to date, and a bit more creative than tribal markings. "Well, it's work is it not?? He questioned, brushing his fingers delicately along her tattoo. "A woman such as yourself though, I imagine you could get any man you wanted."


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