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I'm not sure to be honest, need to check with work to see how much holidays I have and what's all available. Next con is in October, right? I have said this for the last three years or something, but I could aim for that - assuming you're free too.

I chose Echo but I've only fought twice with him so far! I have a friend visiting until Tuesday so I haven't gotten on to level him up Dx hopefully the event will still be running after. What achievements are there so far? I never did get the stray achievements from May, the hidden ones. Did they ever clear for you?
It is forecast snow in Scotland, only in the Highlands but still...crazy crazy weather!

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Oh and glad you got lots of goodies while shopping!!
One day I will get to London. If I ever get down I shall message you :O I would love to still meet up with you one day mrgreen

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Oh wow!! That must be exciting for you blaugh finally you can relax and stop house searching, eh!? I wish you a truck full of luck with it, and I hope it goes smoothly for you.
The event... hahaha! I clicked on and chose my animal and that's all I've done so far. I must confess that I started replaying Professor Layton on the ds... bad Hannah, bad bad bad! I even took it to work and played it in my break xD love that guy, offft it's his voice and his hat!
Sorry I have been slow in replying, blame the ds, blame it for everything!

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AH! No way I will eat your soul if you go to Tokyo Toys without me gonk ok, I can't really but I love that store! I've bought quite a few things online including Tamaki's bear from Ouran... cutest and snuggliest bear I have EVER owned. Ever.
I hope you enjoy. Do you have something in mind that you're going for? I love browsing their site, especially when they have a bunch of new stuff in biggrin

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Awww!! It really suits your avi blaugh
I don't know what to quest for next, everything is so expensive I sometimes think, "where do I start!?"
I often debate on whether to invest in cash, something always holds me back though. I'll buy the occaisional envelope... or at least I used to until they stopped letting you buy just one envelope. You have to buy cash first now if what I'm seeing is right, which is a rip off because you can't buy 250 cash!! xp
AH! Brilliant, thank you for those links heart I'll test them out later. I'm looking for one particular movie as well, maybe you've seen it/heard of it. I read the manga adaptation years ago and it's one of my favs but it has a different name to the movie. Hang on, trying to remember the name...AH!!... (pit-stop to Google) ok, the manga is called 'Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan' Our Happy Time/Hours, and the movie was called 'Maundy Thursday'. There's also a novel which I see has finally been translated into English, that was a nice surprise when I was searching just now biggrin

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I've hardly been on the computer lately, sorry I think I did see it and said, "I'll reply in a bit," then got distracted haha!! As I always do sweatdrop I should know by now!!
I'm guessing it was just the message on my profile? Any others I didn't get !
And thank you!! I've done three shifts now, still getting trained but a little more responsibility every night. I'm sure it will be permanent because there are only four people (including myself and the other new start) that do that job and one is leaving haha!
Hope you enjoy Devon, I'm sure it can be a brilliant holiday if you want it to be! Will you get internet there? If not I'll hear from you when you get back mrgreen
Ahaha I love that head! I also love the trousers - clown pants!
Oh, I've not heard of Answer Me 1997 - hang on I'll google it...
where do you watch dramas? I know that sounds silly but I only have sites for anime or manga with no Japanese or Korean drama links xD I used to have one saved but my Chrome went and deleted all my bookmarks so I lost a lot of my streaming =.=
The show sounds good! Enjoy heart

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I got the job biggrin biggrin I have done two days of training and on Sunday I start the training within my department (Price Integrity). I'm so excited!! Bet I won't be saying that after a few months haha! Contract is only 15 wks at the moment but might extend to permanent after! whee
I've not been on lately either, been playing my xbox again. Assassin's Creed again, oh the curse of being an achievement hunter and being unable to clear achievements gaaah!
Hope you're well Mentis, what have you been up to then? Have you been on holiday yet?
Gaia gets lonely without you gonk I think next time I come on I'll revert to a man avi, muchas better xx

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PSS: Aaaaaaah crazy! I actually did get my Sims 2 working, so screw upgrading to Sims 4 (aka: ignore all the section from my previous comment haha!)
Now I just need to restore my iPod and all is well in the world again.

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I changed my avi back to a female for now because I finally got an item I had been questing for ageeees (my hair, can't remember the name of the item...literacy luxury or something like that).
I think I prefer being it being a boy though - easier to get naked lol I'll revert once I've worn out this item. One day I'll complete my dream siren avi, I think I've only got one or two more items to get for it, but this was my dream siren hair :')

Are you questing anything at the moment? Quite difficult with the inflation but a few games of switchem helps! wink

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Aaaah Asda, I thought it was Morrisons, sorry!! I get ever so confused sometimes =.= Have a good shift! Oh your store is moving, is it getting a new building or just relocating?
And thank you whee I guess I'll just have to wait and see, there was quite a lot of interest in the jobs so I'll just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed. I think I find out at the beginning of next week, if I don't hear anything then I can assume that I've gotten something...unless they're running late.
And I've given up with the achievements. There was supposed to be one for posting in one of the NPCs contests which is either glitched or a lie, I posted and haven't received anything yet :/ people also reckon that there should be one for collecting all 31 albums but I haven't heard word about the last achievement yet. I'll wait until the teething issues sort. Are you still trying for them?
And yes! I think the chat system is like FB. I don't know if it's just for friends or if you can talk to anybody. It'd be nice to be on at the same time one day and try it biggrin Gaia's msn!
I'm very tempted to buy the Sims 4... what do you think? People say it's basic and quite buggy still. I'm just sad because somebody was bragging about playing the Sims 2 (my all time favourite game) and I can't really play it on my PC anymore thanks to lack of patch updates for Windows 7 stressed unless something's been released since last time I tried.
I'm also trying my hardest to revive my iPod. It appears to be stuck in recovery mode... no idea what I'm doing anymore but I'm just happy it's not as completely dead as I thought.


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