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Hey, I'm Mary, a 21 year old with a chronic case of wanderlust. I love kitties, sloths, Sherlock, Pokemon, and the Elder Scrolls games. I sometimes take commissions for fleece hats through deviantART. I'm currently working part time and will be going to my second year of college in the fall. Goals: write a novel, start my own Lolita fashion line, become a beekeeper, sell my wares at conventions.

I do not accept random friend requests.

If you send me a poem, I'll post it here and love you forever!

A Poem by Yogurt Man:
Mary Mary quite contrary
how does your aquarium glow
with meaty-waters and mini monsters
and item droppers all in a row
or, as Yogurt also says, and dead Memphis all in a row... ;_;
A Poem by Kannonm:
It's glowing green upon this fine day?
Oh silly little Miss Mary Mufffet.
In the shores of Japan I did say,
"Please not to sit upon your trumpet"
But all you could think of was the loot,
and ignore m' lore that feels better does a flute,
than a trumpet upon thy tender coot.

A Limerick by Gorilla and You:
"Pie easting contest!" was yelled
and the people of town all beheld
a young girls so sweet
belly stretched down to her feet
her pie tallies marked 112


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Mindbreak Report | 07/25/2014 8:55 am
yeah, I must avoid noon to 3pm, then it's ok for me to go outside xD
this only when I'm in Italy, sadly it's very hot and I'm way too delicate
I hate that about my skin but hey, it's how i was born c:
Yogurt Man Report | 07/25/2014 8:32 am
Yogurt Man
It's actually amazing, it's one of those pre-made pie crusts you can buy at almost any grocery store, and it's like, 8 inches deep in frozen yogurt. I'll try to take a picture next time I get one to show it off at your face.
I don't know, maybe. I've been looking forward to August since last year. Hopefully, Zeeff delivers. He promised us Battle-Mode Royale August last year but he realized he just didn't have enough of it completed so he decided to postpone its release, last I heard he was aiming for August this year, so I'm excited to finally have a decent yotube series to watch again.
Mindbreak Report | 07/25/2014 8:27 am
hahaha no worry, I'm so white I get one every year and by now
have all the right means to make it go away fast c: thank you for the tip.

ah I see! I'm way too white, sometimes I have max sunscreen on and still manage to hit my chest (most sensitive spot)
Mindbreak Report | 07/25/2014 8:12 am
I've been fine besides my usual sunburn P:

oh man, hopefully you won't catch a cold or something D:
Yogurt Man Report | 07/25/2014 7:49 am
Yogurt Man
Yeah, I can't remember when, but what I do know for sure it was not any time recently. I would see it all the time when I went to the trading page so I figured it must not be showing up for you. XD
Ha! Jokes on you! I can get a yogurt pie for free.
Oh please, I know internet people. Good thing I'm mostly desensitized to stupidity.
it's almost august
Mindbreak Report | 07/25/2014 2:08 am
hahaha thnks for the sexy bikini ; ) heart
Yogurt Man Report | 07/24/2014 9:42 pm
Yogurt Man
Yeah I'm like 90% sure I finished inking it and showed you the finished product, and accepted my part of the trade after that.
Like 3 years ago? XD
I like how you added "I'm not volunteering" because it ******** drives me up the wall when people are all "You need such and such" and it's like 'WELL ARE YOU OFFERING TO HELP ME OUT WITH THAT OR SOMETHING?'
If I got irl art of myself in swim trunks, everyone would be like "haha who is that fat guy- oh hey that's yogster"
Yogurt Man Report | 07/24/2014 7:56 pm
Yogurt Man
Oh wow you finally completed that trade HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Wow, talk about an insult amount of gold, it's such a joke now...
Yogurt Man Report | 07/23/2014 10:45 am
Yogurt Man
those all sound so... unexciting though.
btw if you get on new leaf at the same time as me, I've been holding a giveaway for like the past week, each visitor can grab 3 gifts, per visit, no limit to how many times you visit. I almost have the golden host badge LOL
Yogurt Man Report | 07/23/2014 10:10 am
Yogurt Man
Last night we did a night hike down by the beach, it was pretty nice. You know hikes are good when you're sore after. But yeah the salty air was premium down there. It's too bad all y'all have up there is lakes.

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