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Well...first off, I'm Molestation Nation, and I'm a GIRL.
Now that Elly has quit...I have no need to be in this account, but sometimes I may appear with it, to get away from the worries of my main.

Would you mind helping me complete my wishlist?

Anyway, back to me...
I'm 19, I live in Montana, and I have a cat.
He thinks he's god, and sleeps in the sink.

I don't like long walks on the beach.
I like surfing and raising hell on the beach.
I don't care about roses.
Carnations are the ultimate way to win me over.
White ones...<3

Uhm...I like skate shoes, cars, and baggy pants.
I used to skateboard, but my board ran away from home.
I have a crush on Jesse James
((Yes, as in West Coast Choppers. xD))
But I love someone, too.
My mommy says I'm special no matter how short the bus I ride is.
And uh...smoking is bad for you.
Which is why they make chewing tobacco.

I don't show off pictures of myself, so don't ask.
You're likely to get ignore listed and be hated for awhile.
Don't ask why I don't like giving pictures, I just don't.
Also, I only have one or two in the first place, so you're not missing out on anything. xD

I promise I won't eat the babies...


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It's an Enima



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[Ruled By Secrecy]

Report | 03/07/2006 11:10 am

[Ruled By Secrecy]

Elly has notm quit.
I shall be online always.

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-Random person coming out from nowhere- Aww your profile is so cute! I'm loving the colors, brownish with cyan blue XD <3
vampire phoenix

Report | 02/21/2006 11:51 pm

vampire phoenix



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I am Molestation Nation.

Questing for a Tin Hat.
2% complete...
Donate Cans? xB <3

MS Paint pwns you.
Admit it.
She's cute. :B