Ah! Hello! ^ -^ Thanks for visiting my profile, I'm flattered! (/ .)
My name is confidential, but I am 1_ years old if you must know. I am a psychotic anime freak. Once you get me started on something don't expect me to stop. The anime I watch Are:
One Piece
Fairy Tail
Ao No Excorsict
Naruto (re-watching)
I loooove music so much! The genre I usually listen to is metal, or punk. My Favorite bands right now are;
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Fit for Rivals
We Are The In Crowd
Tonight Alive
All Time Low
I do like heavier stuff, but these are my favoritest ever! I could list all the bands I listen to for you, but that would take to long for this so if you wanna know just message me, same for anime. Anyways thanks for reading all this!
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Fit for Rivals - Damage

Misleading French Toast