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G U M 1 Report | 04/16/2014 12:41 pm
G U M 1
I just got rid of it buy selling it at how much I bought it rofl I am so impatient sometimes emotion_facepalm
You can tell I'm still new to vend/exchange lol

Oooh. It's actually like some herbs thing! I thought it was like some powder or something rofl
Those diet thing you know..I should've just look it in google instead of kept asking stupid questions.
Never heard of those and I'm going to the grocery tomorrow so hope I'll find some hur hur emotion_dowant

It's sunny today emotion_kirakira So happy. Please stay like that until it's autumn !
I can finally wear some shorts hahhaa. /happy
G U M 1 Report | 04/15/2014 10:03 pm
G U M 1
How can I not support him xd He was one of the first exchanger to get 2 halos !
It's nothing like now where there's a GC provider etc. you know.

I didn't get rip off haha. I just bought Fallon the Fox for 500m but I forgot how pets are hard to sell emo
I just hope Gaia will not release him any soon or I'll be damn screwed lol o well i guess I've learned my lesson haha.

People are just stupid. I've been playing around with the gold shops items and I'e noticed that most people whole like the marionette is mainly the top right?
#FFFFFF Complex Shirt is almost the same thing xd I don't know. I hope Gaia will make more recolors of it 3nodding

/kidnaps you to my house emotion_awesome
Oh I see. I'll look up on those things. If you have a blender, just put vegetables in it and blend them. It taste really good emotion_drool
G U M 1 Report | 04/15/2014 9:40 pm
G U M 1
No problem. I just have made one of the worst decision to buy a pet from that dude in the MP lol
What was I thinking emotion_facepalm
Well...I only remember how hard it was to get 100K lel. Like not even thinking of buying the MCs, just trying to buy an items off the gold shops was expensive lol
When I had enough to buy X items in the gold shop, I just feel freaking broke rofl
I wasn't around after '08 until '09 which I stayed for 4 months then went on hiatus again.
I just kept going on and off on gaia lol.

It's still on beta so we'll see. It's not totally porn but it's more like 18+ with less restricted language I guess.
Tho those perv. GIF/pics. just made me close the tab asap. My mom will def. hit me if she saw that rolleyes

Haha. Ok I will wink Forever young inside hur hur hur.

Yeah, substitutes drink like Boost/Ensure. I thought 'Kale' was something like that.
It's like they stuffed w/e you need ( proteins, vitamins etc. ) in it and you just drink it and it can also make you full and skip a meal right?
I don't know. I just feel like you guys should just come to my house and let me feed you guys xd /throw those bad substitute things.

THAT BRAIN ITEM IS OUT. I WANT ONE! I want to support him lol. Tho is overpriced in the MP emo
G U M 1 Report | 04/15/2014 7:38 pm
G U M 1
Can i know what's a good price of PoMH for you? I just saw one that was priced at 1.05 this morning and I didn't buy it because I didn't know if it was good or not emotion_facepalm
Tho I'm still keepin' an eye in the MP for you emotion_dowant

Heck yeah! I mean is something that you accomplished by yourself instead of QQ'ing all day and night!
A little bit of QQ from time to time doesn't hurt tho redface

That's exactly my thought. I hate those people who just judge by your avatar then say : omg, u r so rich don8 etc.
I worked for it scream exclaim

Gaia know how to do business lmao. Give me all y0 money emotion_dowant
Have you seen the beta site? Tentacl or something? Have you visited it? What'd you think?
I just can't scroll any more down because of my parents lol
There's some disturbing pictures/gifs rolleyes

Hahha. I sounds childish right emo I don't know but that feeling when you do something that you haven't done for a long time is a quite enjoying feeling xd
I bought the Kamik's rain boots for 50$ when they were on sale 3nodding I think that was a good price lel.

Ooh so you drink boost too. I don't know but I still feel that we shouldn't take any substitut like that and eat normal foods xd
It's better to eat more than starving imo xd
G U M 1 Report | 04/15/2014 5:25 pm
G U M 1
Yeah, I try to spread the word out and tell them to learn how to vend/exchange but dem lazy bastards don't want to so w/e lol
Not really. It will still deflate even if they don't release it for a second time. I am just somehow disappointed that I won't get any items for keep for a cheap price emo
Also, I feel so bad for those who paid like 8b+ for that portrait of deer lol The recolor just came out like 2 days after that RIG rofl
Also if ever you like the portrait of the hare because of the top & leg part, you should just buy the Devil's Spice. It's the same damn item scream ( Except the color )
Same here same here. Tho I was actually quite happy that it rained this morning lol. I could finally wear my rain boots redface
It was fun watching those people trying to avoid those puddles while I just jump and walk in it blaugh I'm so evil hur hur.
Don't worry and just make sure you still eat properly and have enough sleep emotion_yatta Eat a lot of fruits and legumes to keep your pretty face healthy 4laugh
I just don't get those people from that can just drink Boost or Ensure because they don't have the appetite to eat ( too much stress or too busy to study ).
How can you survive well for the day or just to study at night gonk I think they have some superpowers I don't have ninja I tried it once with a boost for lunch and I was starving rolleyes
G U M 1 Report | 04/15/2014 4:10 pm
G U M 1
You are welcome hun wink She just asked name someone to don8 so i named you along with another girl lol dramallama
Who doesn't like free golds/stuffs emotion_awesome And shhh....we're poor af lol

People should understand that we have more keepers in Gaia now that's why some items are freaking inflated lol
I am so sick of those people who QQ about it in CB all day emotion_facepalm Just deal with it scream Gaia doesn't care 'bout your opinion unless you spend $$ razz

Have you noticed that this RIG ( Drink me ) didn't deflate or barely deflate any items like the past one? I was hoping to snatch them all at like 1m~3m but nop.
It actually inflated a few of them or the abp/lmp didn't much change surprised I find that quite weird.

How's the weather in your side now? Still snowing? It freaking snowing in my side emotion_0A0 It was like raining hella hard this morning and now there's snow!
Where is my spring mad Can't believe it. Also hope you had a good day today. Not too stressed about your finals? c:
terichi Report | 04/14/2014 5:03 pm

surprisingly so far so good. c:
been studying my butt off and it actually paid off. :3 phew~!
how have you been doing btw?
G U M 1 Report | 04/14/2014 2:32 pm
G U M 1
I told you to not say sorry with me emotion_donotwant You're a busy women and you reply my msg whenever you are free ok exclaim
Thank Q hun ! I'm just playing with my items now. My inventory became really big since I started vending.
I am such a bad profiteer and kept keeping the misprice instead of selling them rofl I wants my golds to grow, not my items emo

TBH, that's what I am doing now. I will only buy items that are being released since that's the best moment to buy them since it's gonna hella deflate.
The old MCs has inflated like really bad. I think I'll just hold my DT & OMG Hat quest until the summer sale or black friday lol I am not in rush to buy them.
I'll probably not even wear them often but it's just 'nice' to see them part of my inventory I guess lmao.

I know how you feel but I don't really mind if another vendor make profit off me since I already made the profit off X item already so yeah.
The script is very useful to make the loading page load faster. The response you'll get from the server to show you the next few seconds on the 'just added' page in MP is faster.
If you wonder why some vendors got X items for less 10s, it's because of the script and maybe with other addons I may be not aware.
Just like in the forum, when there's a giveaway, unlike Chrome, whenever you'll reload X page and you gonna post, it's also much faster because it disable all the emoticons and the box of style ( size, color, the post action thing etc. )

THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THINK! Why waste my time and his time if you know inside you it's not gonna work gonk
I think I just care too much of people's opinions and don't want to looks like the bad person emo

No problem hun ! That's what friends are for here emotion_yatta If there's anything else I can be useful to you, don't be shy and ask me emotion_c8

Hope you had a great weekend byt the way. It's getting warmer and warmer now emotion_dowant Can't wait to wear dresses hur hur hurrr.
Micaoru Report | 04/14/2014 12:53 pm
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❥ aaah thank you very much! <3
terichi Report | 04/13/2014 1:55 pm

Gahh! Mish mish mish~~! Thank you~! <33
I wish my midterms ended already! Dx