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♬ So I miss you, and I run through, through you ♬

Misha. 23. Student @ UofT. Toronto.
I like food. ♥

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G U M 1 Report | 10/09/2015 7:22 pm
G U M 1
I told you it's ok haha. When you reply late or veeeerrrryyy late, don't need to apologize wink
/secretly hates you emotion_awesome

I am also very tired lately haha. 2 more months and I'm graduating emotion_kirakira
Let's do our best and hopefully you'll find a way to relax ^_______^
I am only slowly starting to workout lol Tho I have been going to hike almost every 3-4months. Last week I went to the Cascade mont.
It was nice up there. You should go and visit it someday 3nodding
It's an really easy one and only takes about 2 hours to complete it. ( Maybe 3-4 hours if you're slow )

Lucky for your friend who got thinner! I personally wish I can actually still grow taller hahha. /never going to happen now
Tho for some reason I have been obsess being losing weigh O______O
Drinking coffee won't make you look older but more like mature imo ~~
Especially when it's a MAN drinking coffee and reading/studying at the same time emotion_drool /fantasy

You are welcome & thanks for suggesting a drama! It's on my list ! Right now, ''She was pretty'' is pretty good !
It is still ongoing but that drama is so cute that's it's making me blush for some reason haha. Too much cuteness for me to handle lol.

That's awesome surprised It must be hard to be studying your program. Best of luck !

I hate fall ;____; Especially when it's raining! Tho I'm happy to finally wear my sweaters lol.
I am still unsure how to wear yet since sometimes it's like very warm then suddenly cold or vice versa -____-
In the morning you are like freezing and then when you finish school, you are sweating ; o;
I wish it was winter already lol.

Ugh no plan for this weekend. Study study and study.
I'm having my yearly skin infection on the nose lol.
I'm so ugly af sad /try my best to hide my face but can't lol
I'll be working at my workplace and contaminate the people emotion_awesome ( nah. it's not contagious lol. luckily.... )
Oeuf Report | 09/28/2015 5:15 am
whats up with her
Oeuf Report | 09/25/2015 5:49 am
what up
Oeuf Report | 09/24/2015 8:54 pm
atm i just rly wanna sleep
i hope ur ok too

nah ur not bothering me
Oeuf Report | 09/24/2015 8:34 pm
yea ikr crying in so long jeez
oh man so much to say :<
G U M 1 Report | 09/15/2015 4:21 pm
G U M 1
Hope your headache didn't last long ! You prob. did'nt have enough sleep or maybe do some exercises?
It helps 3nodding I have started to eat healthier and do exercises at home since last week.
I need to boost my confidence haha. I can't wait to see the results emotion_kirakira

HIGH5 !! I am not a coffee person too. If it's a iced coffee is fine. Tho I'm lactose intolerant so i usually avoid it if I'm hanging out lol
Ooo I have never been to Second Cup. When I go to downtown I do see it but for some reason, I have never stepped inside surprised
I should try it since you said you like it. It is expensive or average?

Haha, force your husband to learn how to make sushis just for you emotion_dowant heart
Seriously, it's really easy. We made some today hehe. /ships you some virtually
( Cus the avocados can't wait anymore LOL. It's probably not gonna be good if we still wait a day or 2 lol )

You should TOTALLY watch heal me kill me if you didn't watch it yet.
I started it like 3 days ago and I finished it emotion_drool I don't have dramafever ! You lucky girl tho.
I just watch it on ( bettrer get ads blocker lol.. ) or because I speak/read/understand cantonese/mandarin.
I've watched a lot but I don't remember the names of the drama at all xd I'll tell you if I remember or watch any good one emotion_c8

Having kids/getting married at 33 isn't old at all. More like a normal age to get married nowadays emotion_c8
Enjoy your life to the fullest ~~ ( Get like 7 kids? emotion_awesome cool )

What are you studying now? I mean it depends what kind of job you want to do that can guarantee you a spot.
Don't be stressed ! Why would bad thing happen to you just because you think negatively?
Do you pay your own tuition fees? or it is your parents until you graduate?
I agree. I really hope they'll be able to agree on something mutual so we don't suffer emotion_c8

We're almost close to the weekend emotion_awesome We can do it exclaim
It was raining for like 3 days straight and now it's all warm and sunny emotion_kirakira
Gotta enjoy that awesome weather ! You should as well emotion_c8 heart
If ever you have some stuffs that's bugging you, it's gonna help to clear your head and think some good stuffs biggrin
Kid Kyu Report | 09/11/2015 10:16 pm
Kid Kyu
Waa, that really sucks! I hope something isn't going around, it's seriously not fun when you catch something again. :<
Noo, your situation is much worse. ; A; They shouldn't do that, it would make me so paranoid when I'm leaving and going back home. >///<
Haha, thank you so much~ o uo/ Yeah, I'm already a bit tired of school because of all this online homework kind of thing. emotion_facepalm
G U M 1 Report | 09/10/2015 2:06 pm
G U M 1
No worry at all exclaim It happens sometimes that we don't get a notification when someone quote/comment.
( Stop being popular exclaim Gaia can't keep up with you emotion_awesome )

I guess as long you are with people you are comfortable with and having fun, anything you do is fun xd
I haven't hangout at McDo since I graduated high school haha. Nowadays, people are all like hanging out at place like ''Starbuck''.
(It's freeeaking expensive ... I prefer Tim horton ( - w-)b ~~~ )
You should make sushis at home exclaim It's easy and you can more of your favorite ingredients *ho ho ho* !
I don't even go to the theater anymore haha. I just wait until the movie comes out and watch it online :kirakia:
I re-started to be into korean/chinese drama now.
( FREAKING 30 eps ++++ /dies )

Man. I must go to wonderland next year emotion_donotwant It'll be hard to pick a week where all the students are back to school tho.
When they start school. I prob. will be doing my stage at the hospital or I'll be hired and work full-time xd
( I am scared to take a week off when you're like a newbie at your workplace lol .. Makes a bad impression about yourself :p )

Don't ever think like that !! People will just take advantage of you and will try to make you pay for them !!
( Not everyone are like that but I would'nt do it unless you are very close to that person </3 )

Thanks for your kind words ; o;
I'm not gonna give up and keep studying/working but hopefully, my dream will come true soon redface
( sounds hilarious but I really want to get a job + family at 25 yrs old lol )

It's kind of like an accelerated course but I think it's more like a trade school which is more closer to what kind of school I am attending atm.
I know. It's so expensive outside of QC and I am VERY happy to be living here crying
Not sure if you do check the news but right now there's like a lot of protest about how expensive it is to go to university etc. and how the
government are cutting too much budget from school that the teachers + students are boycotting classes....
Like I don't get why people in QC are so freaking stupid ( imo ).
What we're paying right now is like NOTHING compared to the other provinces of QC/USA.
We're only paying 250$ to go to college ( not including books' fee ) and to go to university is about 2000$ ~ 4000$ depending on what you are studying.
I do understand that our salary in Qc isn't high as in the other provinces and that we have the highest freaking tax ever ( 15% tax wtf ! ) but still ....
It's still NOTHING compared to you guys who pays like about 10 000$+ just to go to school @_@
Tho i am not complaining that they're fighting for a good cause so it can be cheap to go to school but still ... I just think that disturbing other students that just want
to finish school and get a job will affect them sad ( I have a few friends that was suppose to be graduating last year have been delayed and will be graduating at the end of this year and some
next year during the winter semester .. )
ANYWAYSSSSSS. As long it doesn't affect me i'm good redface

Now it's happy WEEEEEK-END ~~ hehe
Kid Kyu Report | 08/29/2015 2:08 am
Kid Kyu
Ahh, I seriously wish for the best for you! Nooooooo. D: That's just terrible that you've been sick for so long. ;//n//; I definitely understand the stalker situations and hopefully that's all taken care of. x:
Haha, thank you~ ; u;/ I'll most likely be on and off with Gaia, It's kind of a nice break when I'm overstressed with schoolwork. xD Ideally, I should be able to balance everything, if not, it's more off than on.
G U M 1 Report | 08/28/2015 2:30 pm
G U M 1
That's awesome. Cheap hangout like what :c
I have been trying to do it too but can't OTL
I spent a lot this summer so I'm not doing any expensive activities anymore hur hur.

UUUUH. I want to go to Wonderland !!! I heard it is really awesome and big and there's no way you can do them all in one day.
Trust me, skydiving isn't scary at all. "I believe I can fly ~~" emotion_awesome

Yeah, planning stuff is hard because of those picky peeps stare
I did archery like ~2 years ago and I didn't really like it haha.
It was kind of boring-ish vut HEY! At least I did it and know how does it feel.
( *Doesn't looks cool like in those mangas characters who does archery* lol )

Tbh, I feel old because I haven't achieved anything yet T crying T
I have been on and off for like 3 years when I started CEGEP.
Been working a lot and that didn't help me much to find what I am interested in @_@;
Hopefully I'll find what I want to do in the future !!

I am not in CEGEP. I am doing like a "DEP". ( Diplôme d'études professionnelles ) I don't know what's the term in english.
It's a 10 months courses and you get a job right after you graduate.
You don't need to do the basic 'classes' you do in college ( humanity, french etc. )
You straightly learn what you need to know for your job.

Also. happy FRIDAAAAAAAAAAY. emotion_dowant