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♬ So I miss you, and I run through, through you ♬

Misha. 22. Toronto.
I like food. ♥

♬ As I dive over the finish line ♬


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Kid Kyu Report | 08/29/2015 2:08 am
Kid Kyu
Ahh, I seriously wish for the best for you! Nooooooo. D: That's just terrible that you've been sick for so long. ;//n//; I definitely understand the stalker situations and hopefully that's all taken care of. x:
Haha, thank you~ ; u;/ I'll most likely be on and off with Gaia, It's kind of a nice break when I'm overstressed with schoolwork. xD Ideally, I should be able to balance everything, if not, it's more off than on.
G U M 1 Report | 08/28/2015 2:30 pm
G U M 1
That's awesome. Cheap hangout like what :c
I have been trying to do it too but can't OTL
I spent a lot this summer so I'm not doing any expensive activities anymore hur hur.

UUUUH. I want to go to Wonderland !!! I heard it is really awesome and big and there's no way you can do them all in one day.
Trust me, skydiving isn't scary at all. "I believe I can fly ~~" emotion_awesome

Yeah, planning stuff is hard because of those picky peeps stare
I did archery like ~2 years ago and I didn't really like it haha.
It was kind of boring-ish vut HEY! At least I did it and know how does it feel.
( *Doesn't looks cool like in those mangas characters who does archery* lol )

Tbh, I feel old because I haven't achieved anything yet T crying T
I have been on and off for like 3 years when I started CEGEP.
Been working a lot and that didn't help me much to find what I am interested in @_@;
Hopefully I'll find what I want to do in the future !!

I am not in CEGEP. I am doing like a "DEP". ( Diplôme d'études professionnelles ) I don't know what's the term in english.
It's a 10 months courses and you get a job right after you graduate.
You don't need to do the basic 'classes' you do in college ( humanity, french etc. )
You straightly learn what you need to know for your job.

Also. happy FRIDAAAAAAAAAAY. emotion_dowant
versaysee Report | 08/27/2015 4:31 pm
braids r 1 of the sketchbooks i forgot which letter lol)
and the buns r milk biscuit :•)
Kid Kyu Report | 08/27/2015 7:41 am
Kid Kyu
MISHAAAA~ ; u;/ Haha, don't worry I do! I totally understand the struggle of real life problems so there are no worries. c:
I'm doing pretty well, I just recently started my classes again so I've been on and off preparing for that. xD; It's really good to hear from you again, how are you~?
G U M 1 Report | 08/26/2015 7:13 pm
G U M 1
wow u lucky guuuurl !! I started school like on the first week of august crying
what do you mean by ''meh'' ?! tell me ! did you go anywhere this summer?
you should share some life lessons with me emotion_dowant

My summer was short but kind of awesome hehe.
I did skydiving and BUNGEEEEEEE. It is NOT scary at all !!
You only feel fear when you are on the edge of jumping but other than that,
it was a nice experience. I would do bungee again but not skydiving haha.
It was expensive sad 420$ boouh ( that's cus i bought the video + pics )
If ever you want to bungee one day, we should do it together emotion_kirakira
I went to the Great Canadian Bungee ( Ottawa )
I also went to play ''Trapped''. It's really cool.
It's like a ''real life escape room game''. you should try it with your friends or family !! ---> for more infos !!!!

I am still lost about what I want to do in the future sad
I am turning 23 in Nov. and I feel so old for some reason haha.
( I'm not comparing with nobody but I just feel like im so useless and among my surrounding, I'm the only one who didn't graduate or studying in university yet .. )

Right now I'm like studying to become a Pharmacy Technical Assistant.
Only 4 months left and I'm graduating. i'm probably going to be working in a hospital for like a year to get some experience.
I want to go back to school but I don't know which path to take emo

I don't ignore friends or when someone from the TVG send me a pm (as long it isn't related to the ''exchange forum'' )
Feel free to bug me emotion_brofist emotion_dealwithit
gee look at that huge paragraph lmao. pls forgive me </3
G U M 1 Report | 08/25/2015 12:06 pm
G U M 1
ofc i remember you adsfasgwfatye.
how are you doing emotion_hug I haven't been active on gaia but still log everyday to claim my daily reward lol
how's school? did you started classes yet? how was your summer?
i was so happy when i saw your comment xd
there was like several times that i wanted to drop a comment but i didn't have the guts to do it TToTT
( idk why. i guess i was too shy to post since it have been a longtime i havent talk to you )
i hope you are doing well and i can't wait to chat with you again !!!!!
cinamorolI Report | 08/24/2015 2:46 am
thankies ~
:3 I like yours toos,
it gives off a magical cute feel x]
Razorblade Bandit Report | 05/08/2015 12:34 pm
Razorblade Bandit
; 3; emotion_bigheart
Kid Kyu Report | 02/07/2015 11:04 am
Kid Kyu
Aww, no it's totally okay! I understand that things get jumbled up and you can easily lose track of what you're doing, it's totally fine. c:
Ahah, me too, I'm really trying to minimize how much salt I put into food nowadays. p; I just don't want to overkill myself with salt since a lot of my sodium intake comes from fish sauce. x___x;
Yeah, no problem. ; u ; If you ever decide to try, you should tell me how it goes! o w o;
Asdfghjkl; I am so tired of online courses. I would much rather just go to class. > ///< It's like summer/winter semesters. Everything is compacted into a few months, really fast paced.
Yeah, I did too! I donated to get the achievements and also went to a anon gifting thread. I only gifted a few people this time though since I ended up getting busy because of an exam. ; n ;
Tholia Report | 02/05/2015 10:52 am
Hey You ^^
When You have time,please stop by at my thread - You have a prize
waiting for You ^^