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Plenty of Kandi Report | 04/26/2015 7:21 pm
Plenty of Kandi
Hey hey, you you! Your username. I like it. emotion_dowant

Thanks for the tip! Bai.
Commingfrom hell Report | 04/23/2015 6:11 pm
Commingfrom hell

I have to say, I very much like your profile and your username.
Ferreting Angel Report | 04/23/2015 2:55 pm
Ferreting Angel
Thank you for your purchase, and I LOVE YOUR USERNAME!!!
sarethim Report | 04/23/2015 6:26 am
love your avvie ! heart
Mrs Paint Report | 04/18/2015 3:10 pm
Mrs Paint
First of all, can I just say I love you? <3
How'd you manage to get so lucky to get that name?
Wayward Sun Report | 04/08/2015 1:58 am
Wayward Sun
I completely agree, and it should be that way. Like you said, especially for banned accounts.

I love Supernatural so I'm glad he's focusing on it lol but I agree he should be in more movies, because well he's gorgeous and an awesome actor lol
Wayward Sun Report | 04/07/2015 5:12 pm
Wayward Sun
I hate that too, when people take usernames but don't even get online. I like him too, he is a really good actor!
Wayward Sun Report | 04/07/2015 4:33 pm
Wayward Sun
Lol I saw the name and was like yay!
Wayward Sun Report | 04/07/2015 12:35 am
Wayward Sun
Do you watch Supernatural?
Mental Crazy Hinata Report | 04/01/2015 10:39 am
Mental Crazy Hinata
Hello! How are you today?
Just wanted to say that I love your avi!
Have a nice day!


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