Gaian citizens! There are simple guidelines to my shop!

1.You can message me to get a discount!

2. Trading? Yes we can trade! Simply send me a message letting me know what item you would like.

3. If you see an item you like & dont have enough gold to purchase the item Im willing to haggle the prices with you. Please no lowballs.

4. Please dont beg. Nobody wants to deal with it. I try to be reasonable with my prices making sure they are the lowest in the market.

5. Searching for a certain item? I probably will have it in my inventory! Shoot me a message about a certain item. Im most likely to sell it


Ive change my profile setting to everyone. This allows you to be able to contact me with any following questions about an item.

In about a few months I will start to have the option to bid and buy the item it self! This allows you a chance to get items cheaper.



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