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ikyk Report | 12/14/2017 10:53 am
I think it deleted all of everyones old stuff anyways unless they pay to get it back. >___>
I hope you didn't lose anything too important in there.
ikyk Report | 12/13/2017 11:48 am
Np, I always love to stumble upon interesting profiles.
You're name is also pretty interesting heh, kinda reminds me of myself.
As for the missing image, it's because Photobucket pretty much killed itself.
You can fix it if you use a different image hosting site.
I've been using imgur. cheese_whine
ikyk Report | 12/07/2017 9:28 pm
I like your profile and avatar. cheese_whine
yaass betch Report | 09/07/2017 5:49 pm
Gaia's like a guilty pleasure that no one can know about!
yaass betch Report | 08/01/2017 1:22 pm
Yes, AdBlocker is amazing. <3
yaass betch Report | 07/30/2017 2:39 pm
Hey yooooooooooooooooooou~~
yaass betch Report | 06/20/2017 4:55 pm
Just another day. Yours?
yaass betch Report | 06/13/2017 8:29 pm
Mayme says, Happy late Birthday! <3
color my daisy Report | 06/12/2017 6:38 pm
Not a whole lot , just work and being lazy, and u?
color my daisy Report | 06/11/2017 8:36 am

I was never your friend.



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