☺☻♥ Tommy
☺☻♥ I've recently turned 17.
☺☻♥ I'm Gay.
☺☻♥ From the UK.
☺☻♥ I love Lana Del Rey.
☺☻♥ I love Brownies o3o.
☺☻♥ I'm obsessed with Dogs.
☺☻♥ Blue, White and Black c:
☺☻♥ I'm a Harry Potter Freak.
☺☻♥ I love Horror / Mystery Films.
☺☻♥ I hate clowns..They should all die.
☺☻♥ Ask for my Kik and Skype, but get to know me first.

Want a fansign? :3

Are you gonna stay the night..?